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Eric Church brings you Outsiders Radio, a journey through his musical experiences featuring collaborations and recordings with friends along with behind the scenes stories from his nearly two-plus-decade career. Curated by The Chief himself, stop in and explore live performances plus the music he loves, from Rock to Country & beyond.
Best of Outsiders is where you can find Eric’s handpicked episodes from his monthly series on SiriusXM’s The Highway.
7.7 at 8am ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.8 at 4pm ET
7.10 at 10am ET
7.13 at 2pm ET
7.31 at 8am ET
A Song To Sing is where songwriters take over Outsiders Radio to share their craft and favorite songs.
7.6 at 9am ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.7 at 5pm ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.16 at 1pm ET
7.18 at 9am ET
7.19 at 7pm ET
7.21 at 12pm ET
LIVE From the Pit is where you can relive a full concert experience from Eric and his legendary band.
7.5 at 8am ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.11 at 10pm ET
7.15 at 7pm ET
7.24 at 9pm ET
7.27 at 8pm ET *New
Insiders Hour is hosted by a guest DJ every month that includes friends, other artist and/or fans!
7.6 at 3pm ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.7 at 1pm ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
7.23 at 12pm ET
7.25 at 5pm ET
7.27 at 9am ET
7.28 at 8pm ET
Relive the full performance from Stagecoach 2024.
7.6 at 7pm ET (Y2Kountry Takeover, Channel 57)
Eric Church hosts an hour of music and stories only he can tell in his monthly program, airing exclusively on The Highway (Ch. 56)
7.26 at 9pm ET
7.27 at 4pm ET
7.28 at 12pm ET
7.29 at 12am ET

"We're trying to be thoughtful about how we play the music and why the music matters. This is about something that you actually go, oh, that's cool. That, I haven't heard that. So, chasing that pathway is what gives me excitement about what we're trying to do here with Outsiders Radio."

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