September 14, 2020

Outsiders Radio: Episode #66

AIR DATE: August 2020

SHOW THEME: Jack Daniels


ERIC: Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the sixty-sixth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  Tonight, a theme show…in honor of my personalized Single Barrel Select.



Yes he did.  You’d be amazed how many country songs either have Jack Daniels in the title, or mention it in the lyrics.  We’re gonna play a dozen of the best.  Miranda Lambert had just turned 18 when she wrote this next song.  That means she wasn’t old enough to drink it.  So instead, she SANG about it.


         JACK DANIELS—Miranda Lambert


A few years ago, Miranda Lambert partnered with Jason Aldean for a #1 duet that didn’t actually SAY the name of the whiskey, but the song’s first line made it clear which one they were singing about.



If there was a question about which whiskey Jason Aldean was singin’ about in that song, he removes all doubt in this NEXT hit.  Just listen to the chorus.



We’re playing songs about Jack Daniels in this edition of Outsiders Radio.  This next guy loves it so much, he named his publishing company “Dack Janiels Music.” From his first album Dirt Road Communion, here’s Chase Rice.



The topic of Jack Daniels & Jesus isn’t a new one.  Back in 1983, Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Tom T. Hall released an album titled “Everything From Jesus to Jack Daniels.”



Quite a few country legends have released songs about their favorite whiskey.  Thirty years ago, Ray Stevens addressed the subject with his unique brand of humor.



That’s Ray Stevens from 1990.  Five years later, Jerry Lee Lewis released an album called Killer Country.  On it, you’ll find THIS song.



Something tells me “the killer” knows of what he speaks.  He’s not the only one.  How about David Allan Coe?  He’s definitely one of the original outlaws, who wrote “Take This Job & Shove It” for Johnny Paycheck, and recorded a tribute to Hank Williams Sr. called “The Ride.”  He has several songs about whiskey, but in 1979, he got very specific.



That is the great David Allan Coe, who will turn 81 years old on September 6th.  You know how he’ll celebrate.  Our next Jack track is from Ronnie Dunn, half of the duo Brooks & Dunn.  He released a few solo albums, and his third one, Tattooed Heart, included THIS song.



I bet you didn’t know there were so many songs about Jack Daniels.  This next one is by Alan Jackson, and it was the title track from his album Everything I Love.



That song caught the attention of David Letterman when it was released in 1997.  He loved the chorus: Everything I Love is killin’ me.  Cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and Caffine.”  Harley Allen wrote that song, and he passed away in 2011.  No show spotlighting Tennessee whiskey would be complete without The Possum.



We played David Allan Coe a few songs back, and was the first to record that song in 1981.  George Jones had a hit with it a couple years later.  Of course Chris Stapleton recorded a cover version that has sold an incredible 6 million copies since it was released five years ago.  The song was written by Dean Dillon, and it was just announced that Dean will become the newest member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, along with Marty Stuart and Hank Williams Jr.  Of course, Bocephus has made no secret of his love for Jack Daniels.



I want to congratulate the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame: Marty Stuart, Dean Dillon, and Hank Williams Jr.  I was fortunate to spend some time and even record a song with Hank a few years ago.



For the last few months, we’ve been releasing some new songs to help get you through the pandemic.  I want to end this edition of Outsiders Radio with the latest.  I’m Eric Church, thanks for listening, please be safe, and we’ll see you next time on Outsiders Radio.