Outsiders Radio: Episode #38

April 1, 2018


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-eighth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   This week I’ll spotlight a good friend and a great country singer/songwriter: Ashley McBryde.  Her debut album, “Girl Going Nowhere,” was just released.  She’ll introduce some songs and tell some great stories.  But first, we just celebrated Record Store Day around the country, and for it, I released a special collection of cover songs from last year’s Holdin’ My Own tour.  THIS one’s 55 years old, and it was originally done by Dave Dudley in 1963.

A whole lot of legends have recorded that song over the years, including George Jones, Charley Pride, and my buddy Steve Earle.  But that’s OUR version of “Six Days On The Road,” recorded last year in Pittsburgh, and available on 61 Days In Church (Cover Songs) available now on vinyl!

We’ve been doing this radio show for about three years.  Radio’s different from live concerts because I don’t really know who’s listening.  At a concert, I look out and see everyone.  Radio’s not like that.  So it’s always interesting when I find someone who listens to us on Outsiders Radio.  Turns out my featured artist, Ashley McBryde, has actually listened to this show!

ASHLEY: I was in Arkansas, I went out to my sister’s car, to listen to Outsiders Radio, maybe a year ago or two years ago, because it was the first time a song of mine was played on the radio.  It was Bible and a 44, and Eric’s the guy that introduced it.  It was a really cool moment.

ERIC: It’s cool now hearing her say that.  So let’s fast forward to April of last year, Ashley is now managed by my manager, and he invites her to one of my shows.

ASHLEY: I was talking with John Peats, our manager, and he said ‘Eric thinks you’ll enjoy the format of this show,’ so he said ‘Let’s go to Chicago and catch the show.’ So we go to Chicago, we’re in catering, in walks his assistant, and says ‘Eric wants to sing with you tonight.’ I said, ‘OK, I know all of his songs.’ And he says ‘No Eric wants to sing one of yours. He wants to sing Bible & A 44.’  Then it wound up on the live record! The sentences that have been coming out of my mouth have been just insane.

ERIC: So glad we were able to capture that moment as it happened.  That’s my friend Ashley McBryde with me in Chicago last year doing a song she wrote called A Bible & A 44.  It’s on my live album “61 Days In Church.”  That song was my introduction to Ashley’s music.  Now I’m proud to say she just released her major label debut album called “Girl Going Nowhere.”  So we’re gonna let Ashley take over the show, and let you get to know her, as she introduces songs from her album.

ASHLEY: Girl Going Nowhere, I wrote that on the day Guy Clark passed away, I was really sad…Let’s write it in such a way that Guy Clark wouldn’t mind if he had to listen to it, and I think we did it.

ASHLEY: It’s one of those things where we had to make facts rhyme…We were able to use it as the opening line of the chorus.

ASHLEY:  My favorite country music legend is Don Williams

ASHLEY: This next one is one of my favorite songs, it’s the band’s favorite.  What a cool guy, Leroy.

 ASHLEY: Miranda is the nicest person.  She’s just a class act in every way.


ASHLEY: I caught Dolly Parton’s microwave on fire…I am a huge Dolly Parton fan!

ERIC: I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to songs and stories from my friend Ashley McBryde.  Her debut album is Girl Going Nowhere, and it’s available now. I thought we’d end this edition of Outsiders Radio with one more song pick from my guest this week Ashley McBryde.  See you next time.

ASHLEY: My favorite Eric Church song is 3 Year Old.  I was a blubbering mess the first time I heard it.

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