Outsiders Radio: Episode #33

November 1, 2017


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-third episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   As you hear this, I’m in Maui attending the BMI Songwriters Festival. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.  First though I was VERY honored to lead off this year’s CMA Awards with Amazing Grace.  I really think it set the tone for the night.  We were respectful for those we lost in Las Vegas and other places this year. 

Then my buddy Darius Rucker came out with those familiar notes with a song that topped the chart in 1994.

Great song, sung by a great guy…love Darius Rucker.  Those of you who watched the CMA Awards got to see him sing it with Lady Antebellum & Keith Urban.  Afterwards, Keith talked about that song.

"I thought it was so the right thing to do. To show solidarity among us as artists, but then put it out to the audience, it’s all one big country family. When they sent me an email to ask if I wanted to do it, I was like yeah this is the perfect way to open the show, glad they chose that song, it was the right song to do. I remember during rehearsal, I was standing there with Darius, the day before, it was Lady A, us, Darius and Eric. I didn’t know there was going to be a second stage with everybody else, because they weren’t there for rehearsal. The day of the show, we’re rehearsing, it opened up, and it was amazing to see everybody on that stage, I grabbed my phone and took a photo, cause when you’re gonna get that photo again, it was really cool."

Yeah, really way, with Brooks & Dunn, Reba, Tim & Faith, Luke and Thomas Rhett.  Great group.  Later in the show, Keith debuted his brand new single, a song called “Female,” and it was ANOTHER big moment in the show.


My buddy Keith Urban and his new song “Female.”  Apparently that song was written just a couple weeks before he performed it on the CMA Show…reminds me of what we did two years ago with Mr. Misunderstood.  Speaking of that, we came back later in the CMA Awards show to do another song…one about a DIFFERENT kind of “female.”

That’s from our show up in Edmonton Alberta, available on 61 Days of Church.  Joining me on that song is Joanna Cotton.  It’s so cool because Joanna now has her own Fan Club!

I do! They surprise me, they get me through, I love those guys, they stand outside for hours at a time, and I came out one show, it can get grueling, it’s cold in Canada or wherever we are, and I walked out and there was about 12 of em in the front row with Joanna Cotton Fan Club t-shirts in the front row, so it put a smile on my face and it’s good to know they’re there to throw a little love my way too.

So let’s get one more with Joanna from our tour this summer, from the Air Canada Center in Toronto.

That’s from our new boxed set, and you can get more information about it at 61DaysInChurch.com.  Volumes 1, 2, and 3 ship December 15.  This is Outsiders Radio on The Highway, and we started the show talking about this year’s CMA Awards show.  We should take a moment to congratulate the winners, including my friends Brothers Osborne.  John & TJ were pretty excited about winning Vocal Duo of the Year for the second time.

I was up all night, honestly last year I slept like a baby, there was no chance we were gonna win, I got ten hours of sleep, last night I was like oh no, we might actually win again, so I didn’t sleep at all, but we did! We won twice. (TJ) I went to bed really late last night, and my phone was blowing up this morning, and I saw we won Video of the Year, And on one hand I was like Hell Yeah, and on the other I wish I hadn’t seen that cause I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up at 8 AM and was ready to rage from then, so we’re still goin’.  Might as well stay up all night.

The 2017 CMA Vocal Duo: Brothers Osborne.  I’m Eric Church with Outsiders Radio.  I’m very excited to be back in Maui for the annual BMI Songwriters Festival.  I was there last year, and so it’s good to be back.  Joining me this year is a guy who just was named the CMA New Artist of the Year: Jon Pardi.  I’ve known Jon a few years, always admired that he stuck to his guns about his music, did what he wanted to do, wrote a lot of his own songs, and is now enjoying success. 

It means you can still be traditional and win a CMA. You may not be debuting on the pop charts with the country charts, but you’re on the country charts, and that’s what I’m playing, I’m playing country music. I believe in everybody, everybody’s chasing their dreams, their influences are from ever genre, and that’s what makes country cool.  They got influence from everywhere and their here tonight. Who am I to say that’s not country. We’re all in the same genre, we’re rockin’ we’re havin’ fun, I’m just gonna have a little more fiddle & steel.

That’s Jon Pardi, one of the artists joining me in Maui at the BMI Songwriters Festival.  A lot of my writer buddies are here as well, including Casey Beathard, who was part of so many of my songs through the years.  Also here is a lady who has really brought a different sound to what we do: Maren Morris.  The first time I heard 80s Mercedes, I texted her to say how much I loved it.  She also joined me at Red Rocks last year, so we’re happy to have Maren in Maui this year.

That’s Maren Morris, a great writer and singer, who is joining us at the BMI Songwriters Festival in Maui this year.  I’m gonna close out this month’s episode of Outsider’s Radio with something I did last year.  I’ve been fortunate to get to do a number of tribute shows for some great musical legends, including Jerry Garcia and Greg Allman. Last year I was invited to take part in an all-star concert for Kris Kristofferson.  That concert was just released on CD and DVD.  Other artists on it include Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, Hank Jr., and a lot more.  I credit this song by Kristofferson for inspiration, and that night I explained why. 

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