Outsiders Radio: Episode #31

September 1, 2017


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-first episode of “Outsiders Radio”.  It’s been a busy month.  I’ve been back on the road, doing a few selected shows around the country.  They were different from the Holdin’ My Own shows.  I had opening acts with me.  While I’ve been on the road, I’ve been seeing a lot of the tragedy that hit places like Texas and Florida.  Those hurricanes definitely affected my tour this month.  We also had some sad news in the music world, losing Don Williams and Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry.  So those are some of the topics we’ll talk about in this edition of Outsiders Radio.


That’s an appropriate way to kick off Outsiders Radio.  It’s also the song that kicked our shows this month.  I have to admit when the tour wrapped up in May, I was pretty worn out.  But by September, I was ready for a few more.  We began the month with two shows in Lake Tahoe. We did 26 songs, and a different setlist from what we did in the spring.  But we made sure to include all the favorites you fans want to hear.

That’s definitely a favorite on the tour this month.  I’m Eric Church, and we had some opening acts with us this month.  Some you know, like Brothers Osborne (we’ll get to them in a bit.) But some NEW artists you may be hearing for the first time.  Carly Smith is having her first hit now with Every Little Thing.  But she’s been working hard to get this shot since she was a teenager. 

CARLY: "I think the best word that I can describe over the last couple of months what has happened to me is surreal. I feel like an eight year overnight success, 'cause everything's kind of come at me at once, but I'll never take it for granted. I know what it feels like to be told no over and over and over, I know what it feels like to be driving your band in a van at 3 AM, you know, across the country wondering if this is ever gonna happen. I know what feels like to be crying in your car after somebody told you that you need to move home. So, I will never take any of this for granted."

The song that has made Carly Pearce an “8-year overnight success” is one she wrote from her own personal experience: Every Little Thing.

That’s the debut song from Carly Pearce, who joined me on the road this month.  Also doing opening duties for a pair of shows this month: John & TJ of Brothers Osborne.  In fact, let’s get them in here now to co-host the show.

Thanks Eric. We’re happy to be part of Outsiders Radio.   (John) This will be the first time we’ve experienced this tour.  We’ve heard a lot of great things about it. We’re doing a big family thing, he brought us in really for fun.  Back when we were playing with him, his show was incredible, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. He’s going out there, playing for hours, cause he’s got a lot of serious fans. That’s hard to do, a lot of people have hit fans, but he does deep cuts, the whole crowd sings em, kind of like the jam band mentality, it’s really cool.

Hi I’m John & I’m TJ and we’re Brothers Osborne.  You’re listening to Outsiders Radio on The Highway.  (TJ) He’s incredible, he gives everything he’s got to the fans. When we won our CMA, we were so overwhelmed, we weren’t expecting it, and we walk backstage, and the first people we see is Eric Church’s crew, we’re like family now, so every chance we get to play a show with them, we will not miss that opportunity, cause they’re some of our favorite people on the planet.


Hi I’m John & I’m TJ and we’re Brothers Osborne.  You’re listening to Outsiders Radio on The Highway.  (TJ) You another thing too, you can go out there and play 30 songs, anyone can do that, but it’s different to do it and be entertaining, keep people’s attention, make it a real show, I remember seeing Springsteen and hearing him do 3 plus hours and thinking the show was short, til I realized it was 3 hours, and that’s a talent in it’s own.

Doing that song is definitely a high point at our shows this month.  I’m Eric Church and this is Outsiders Radio.  The country music world lost a couple of great artists in September: Hall of Famer Don Williams and Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry.  Anyone who loves country music knows the great songs of Don Williams.  They called him “The Gentle Giant,” and it was because he was a quiet guy who’d walk on stage with his guitar, a cigarette, and a cup of coffee.  He wouldn’t say much between songs, buy when it was over, you were entertained by his songs and the way he did them.  Those of us who grew up in the south can identify with this classic from the late, great Don Williams.

That’s Don Williams and Good Ole Boys Like Me.  We lost Don on September 8th, and that same day, Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry died in a helicopter crash.  I remember when I first moved to Nashville, Eddie & Troy were already hittin’ it big with hits like Hell Yeah and My Town, and they had a sound that changed country music.  Here’s Troy from about ten years ago.

TROY: I think we were kind of on the cutting edge, when Hillbilly Shoes came out there was nothing like that on radio. It has progressively stayed the same through the Gretchen Wilson era, and Toby Keith kinda picked up his music, I think we etched a trail there and it’s blazed ever since, so I think it’d be cool for someone to say you all started this whole movement, or at least opened the doors for people to do what they’re doing now.


That’s Montgomery Gentry, featuring lead vocals from the late Troy Gentry, and Gone.  I wanna bring in ANOTHER great duo, my buddies Brothers Osborne, for THEIR thoughts on Troy and Don Williams.

(JOHN) It was a tough day for country music, hearing that Don Williams died, it’s hard hearing about a legend passing, we wish we can keep these people around forever, and then minutes later hearing Troy’s passing was really tough. We never got to meet Don, we’ve been playing his music in bars, but Troy, we met him not too long ago, he’s one of the kindest most down to earth nice people, and that one hurts in a different way, and those guys paved the way for us, they’re true artists, we’re all out there trying to keep this country music tradition alive and we’re thankful they even made music in the first place.

I’m John & I’m TJ and we’re Brothers Osborne. We’re spotlighting some musical legends we lost this month on Outsiders Radio.  (TJ) Don Williams, It was one of those nights, we found out about Don Williams passing at sound check, then we found out about Troy, it was a bizarre day. Country music is a close community, it affects everyone, it was a horrible thing to find out.  It’s random, a lot of people know the song, it was a last minute thing we threw in as an ode to Don. 

I’m John & I’m TJ and we’re Brothers Osborne. You’re listening to Outsiders Radio on The Highway. (John ) A few weeks ago, we got to take part in the Hand To Hand telethon that raised money for victims of the Texas & Florida hurricanes.  (John) It was wild getting to do the telethon, looking around the room looking at the such an array of Nashville celebrities, it was cool, in a time when it seems like we’re divided as a nation, for me, it reminded me we’re not really divided. People from all over this country called in to donate money.  (TJ) We got a lot of calls from Canada, it was uplifting to talk to a lot of people, it was a really cool moment to experience.

Those are my buddies John & TJ of Brothers Osborne, and I want to thank them for joining me for a couple shows in Alabama, as well as being a part of Outsiders Radio.  They talked about doing the hurricane telethon a few weeks ago, and I wanted to mention that we had to postpone a couple of shows in Texas after Harvey hit that area.  We have already rescheduled those two shows for April, so we’ll play The Woodlands on April 27th, and Austin on the 28th.  The hurricanes touched us here in the band as well.  Joanna Cotton, who sings in our band, was affected by Hurricane Irma.

I live in the panhandle of Florida, that’s where my home is, and I didn’t want to go back there, I didn’t want to get in the chaos of everybody trying to get out of the state, everybody was in a panic, they don’t know where those storms will go, so I just stayed with mom.

And we hope everyone’s doing better now in Florida and Texas.  We know they’ll be rebuilding for a long time.  When the flood hit Nashville a few years ago, it took us years to get back to normal.  Anyway, since we heard from Joanna there, I thought we’d end this edition of Outsiders Radio with the song where she made her debut…so listen for her voice in this song from Chief: “Over When Its Over.”


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