Outsiders Radio: Episode #29

July 1, 2017


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the twenty-ninth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   Tonight, it’s Fan’s Choice.  We ended our Holdin’ My Own Tour with two sold-out shows in Nashville.  That night, we sent our radio team out to speak with some fans at the show, and we got THEM to introduce THEIR favorites.  So let’s get started.

"My name is John I’m from St. Louis, I’ve been a Eric Church fan for 8 years, my favorite Church song is Drink a Little Drink. It’s self-explanatory. My favorite moment at a Church concert is drinkin’ and havin’ a good ass time.  This is gonna be the best one right here, this meet & greet, damn."

Obviously some smokin’ and drinkin’ going on at my shows.  Here’s another one.

"I’m Meghan from St. Louis, I’ve been a Church fan for five years, my favorite Church song is Drink In My Hand.  My favorite moment is right now, getting to MEET Eric Church, and I’d like to hear more Eric!"

Thanks Meghan, here you go.

This week the fans are picking the music on Outsider Radio.  I think we have a question here.

"I’m Gerald Willingham from Snellville GA, I’ve been a Church fan since the first album came out, my favorite Church song is Springsteen because it brings back a lot of good memories, and my question for him was I’ve heard that Springsteen is not actually about Bruce Springsteen, and what artist and what song is that song about? I’ve heard a theory that it’s about a Jimmy Buffet song."

Hmm, well Gerald, that’s a good theory.  My answer is: Springsteen is about anyone you want it to be about.  We all have our favorite singers and songs that bring back memories, and I’m glad THIS one does it for you.

We’re playing fan favorites in this edition of Outsiders Radio.  THIS fan came a long way to see our final show in Nashville.

"I’m Justin Davis from Dallas TX, I’ve been a fan for 6 years, my favorite song is Mixed Drinks About Feelings because I like the lyrics, what it says. My favorite moment at a Church show was we saw him front row in Dallas, so that was pretty awesome."


That’s the favorite song of Justin Davis from Dallas.  Thanks Justin.  I think Justin had something else he wanted to say.

"What I’d like to hear on Outsiders Radio? Oh man! I love The Eagles, so Eagles would be cool, to hear some Eagles music on there.  Maybe some Hotel California."

Well Justin, if that’s what you want to hear, then here it is.

The fans are in charge this week on Outsiders Radio.  I’m Eric Church on vacation, turning the show over to some fans who were at my Nashville show in May.

"I’m Cherish from Dalton GA.  I’ve been a Church fan forever, my favorite Church song is Love Me Like a Wrecking Ball because it’s sexy, it’s sweet, and it’s nice."


That’s the favorite song of Cherish from Dalton GA.  She was at the final show of the Holdin’ My Own Tour in Nashville a couple months ago.  Some fans came a long way to be at that show.

"I’m Justin from Cherry Hill NJ, I’ve been a Church fan for five years, my favorite Church song is Homeboy because I like it. My favorite moment at an Eric Church concert is getting’ to meet him right now.  What I’d like to hear on Outsiders Radio is some of the original Eric Church music more often."

I think the “homeboy” himself was at one of my Nashville shows.  In case you don’t know, that song was inspired by Tucker Beathard, the son of my co-writer Casey Beathard.  We wrote it when Tucker was a wild teenager.  We’re hearing from some fans who were at the last show of the Holdin’ My Own Tour.

"Hi I’m Sally, I’m from West Virinia, I’ve been an Eric Church fans for about 12 years. My favorite Church song is Carolina, because it sounds so damned good. I’ve been to ten Eric Church concerts, and my favorite moment is definitely this, winning a meet & greet."

Thanks Sally, and it was nice to meet you too.  Here’s your favorite song.

I hope you’re enjoying this edition of Outsiders Radio.  We’ve turned the music over to some fans who were at my Nashville show a couple months ago.

"Jay from Ohio, and Annette and Heather and Mark from Ohio, how long we been Eric fans? Years! God love him, God given talent, I just so appreciate it, love his music, I just get teary eyed with his God given talent. My favorite Church song is Living Part of Life and I hope he sings it tonight, that’s my favorite song of his.  We listen to Sirius The Highway all the time."

That goes all the way back to my first album, so obviously some longtime fans picked that one.  That’s what we’re doing on Outsiders Radio this week. We’re turning the mic over to you. 

"I’ve been really impressed with the way he releases his albums fans first. I really love the fact that Nashville is still talking about how he pressed an album and sent it to the fans before he gave it to the execs and the big wigs.  There were 80,000 pressed, I was so impressed by that. I hadn’t actually met him before that. So for me it’s just impressive to see how he puts his fans first, and he’s really serious about the music, he’s serious about the integrity of the music, that’s one of the things I like most about him."

By the way, one cool moment from our Nashville show was when Mickey Smay came out and played guitar with us on that song.  Mickey is the young fan who we put on the cover of the Mr. Misunderstood album and is seen in the video.  He was one of the fans who got that album first, before it went on sale.  My thanks to Mickey for all he’s done, and hopefully we’ll get him on as a guest here on Outsiders radio.  We’ve got one more fan request:

"I’m Ashley from Haversham.  I’ve been a Church fan for 3 years, my favorite Church song is Holdin’ My Own, because I can really relate to the song. My favorite moment at a Church concert was when he was at the Ascend amphitheater, which is very intimate."

Thank you Ashley for requesting that song.  It’s been a lot of fun hearing your requests.  We have to do this again sometime.  We also asked fans what they’d like to hear on Outsiders Radio.

"I’m from Sally, I’m from West Virginia, I like all of his collaborations, where he gets other artists involved and kind of mixes it up a little bit."

Alright Sally, here’s an example of what you’re talking about. In the song Mr. Misunderstood, I name-checked Texas legend Ray Wylie Hubbard.   A few months ago, we did a show in Dallas, and he actually joined me on stage.  So he & I got together with Lucinda Williams, and recorded a song that’s going to be the title of his new album.  It’s just been released, and we’re gonna end the show with it tonight.  Here’s Ray Wylie Hubbard and Tell The Devil I’m Getting There As Fast As I Can.

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