Outsiders Radio: Episode #28

June 1, 2017


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the twenty-eighth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   It’s been a few weeks since the final shows of the Holdin’ My Own Tour.  We wrapped it up with two sold-out nights in Nashville.  The first night broke an attendance record, and then on the second night, we broke THAT record.  The last night was possibly the loudest night of the entire tour.  Several times, I had to just stop and take it all in.  It was the most beautiful sound I could ever hear.  Now a lot of people may wonder what I do after a big tour like that.   Maybe THIS song will give you a hint.

That sums it up right there…I’ll be spending the next few months on the Livin’ Part of Life.  I’m Eric Church and this is Outsiders Radio.  We’re looking back at the final two nights of the Holdin’ My Own Tour…a couple of sold-out shows in Nashville. From MY perspective, standing on that stage, the fans at the second show may have been the loudest I’ve ever experienced.  They tell me over 19-thousand fans were in the arena, which broke the record we set the night before.  And I thank everyone who was there for making it an unforgettable experience for all of us. 

There were a few songs where the noise-meter went off the chart.  Obviously Drink In My Hand is always a big song.  But for a song that wasn’t a big hit, one of the surprises for me was “Cold One.“ Obviously THAT one resonates with a lot of you, so here it is…on Outsiders Radio.

That’s always a fun song to sing, but especially at the last show of the Holdin’ My Own tour in Nashville.  That’s what we’re celebrating on this edition of Outsiders Radio.  When we announced the tour and said the final show would be held in Nashville, we expected a few fans might take the trip to Music City.  That’s exactly what happened.  We sent a member of our team down to speak with some of the fans before the final show.  Let’s take a question from a one guy who came a pretty long way.

"I’m Justin from Cherry Hill NJ, I’ve been an Eric Church fan for five years. I think the question I’d ask Eric what made him want to do the tour this way, in terms of no opening acts.  Like when we saw him in Philadelphia he had Dwight Yoakam.  What changed in his persona that he wanted to just do it.  Which I thought it was great, because it’s more Eric Church for us."

Thanks for the question Justin, and I can understand why you’d ask that.  I asked the same think myself a few times (ha).  But really the answer is exactly what you said.  We’ve found that the fans have really embraced our albums, and really latched on to some of the songs that were never released as singles.  So we wanted to play as many of those songs as we could, and it took about three hours to do it.  How I did it for 60 nights, I’ll never know.  It might be the fans and some Jack Daniels that got me through it.

That song has become a tradition at my shows going back to the club days.  Fans would hold their boots in the air and throw them on stage.  I try to sign them, and get them back.  That was a bit of a challenge at the Nashville show, because there were so many boots to sign.  But I think everyone got their boots back. 

Let’s hear from another fan at the last show of the Holdin’ My Own tour.

"Hi I’m Cindy from Denver, I saw him both nights at Red Rocks, which is where I met this gal here.  I saw the Denver show, and now flew back to Nashville, to see him here play here with my friends I met at Red Rocks.  This was originally the last show on the tour, and we knew he’d bring it, we knew he’d bring it tonight."

I guess that one’s pretty appropriate right now.   I’m Eric Church and we’re sharing memories from the final night of the Holdin’ My Own Tour in Nashville.  That night, our radio team spoke with some fans about what you enjoyed most.

“I’m Gale from Colorado and I’ve been an Eric Church fan for several years.

I’ve been to 7 Church concerts, we drove 20 hours to come to this concert, we were here last night, and my favorite moment was last night when he wore his red, white, and blue scarf, I thought that was awesome, and I thought the last four songs were the highlight of the whole show, it was amazing.” 

Thanks Gale, and I appreciate you driving all that distance to see my show.   Let’s get TWO of the last four songs from that show in Nashville.

And there you have it, the last song we played on the Holdin’ My Own Tour.  I’m Eric Church, and as I said, those last two nights in Nashville were very special.  I’m gonna miss seeing all your faces, and I look forward to steppin’ back on stage again in September.  It won’t be the same tour…we probably won’t do that again for a while.  But it’ll be a chance to connect with all of you again.

On a personal note, as we were getting ready for the final Nashville show, we got word that Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band had died.  I had done a few things with Gregg over the years, including a Question & Answer session at the Grammy Museum in LA, where we did a version of his song Midnight Rider.  I also performed at the Gregg Allman Tribute Concert 3 years ago in Atlanta.  So I thought I’d end this edition of Outsiders Radio with those two songs.

One of the things that stands out in my memory from that show was the band.  Off to my right was Chuck Leavell, who played piano on the original recordings of both songs.  Right behind me playing lead guitar was Jack Pearson, who was in the band in the late 90s, and now lives in Nashville.  Anyway, let’s go back to 2014 and celebrate a couple of my favorite songs by the late Gregg Allman.

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