Outsiders Radio: Episode #17

October 13, 2016


Hey, it’s Eric Church back for the seventeenth episode of “Outsiders Radio”. It’s June, it’s hot in Nashville, and it’s the month of CMA Music Fest and Bonnaroo. So I thought this time, this show, I’d play some tunes inspired by those events this month. Some incredible music happens all around this town and not always at the big stadium show. I was able be a part of a couple really cool things this year, and of course I heard about a couple more… so let’s get to it. Here’s a song from a new artist who I love. Her album came out this week, and she caught a good buzz playing around CMA Music fest this year with a lot of people. Check out Maren Morris….

“80’s Mercedes” 3:22 – Maren Morris– Hero

“Tools of The Trade” 4:05 – Charlie Worsham – Rubberband

That was “80’s Mercedes” by Maren Morris followed by Charlie Worsham singing “Tools of the Trade”. One of the incredible experiences I had during this year’s CMA Music Fest was playing with Charlie at Ernest Tubb’s record shop downtown on Broadway. The home of Midnight Jamboree. I have a ton of respect for Charlie and his respect for tradition. It meant a lot to me for me to be able to go play with him at one of the cool most iconic places in Nashville. I will say, that in my life, being the kind of guy who played in a bunch of bars and a bunch of clubs growing up, I have felt and seen many hot rooms where the bodies are sweaty and everybody is packed in there. Kudos to Charlie because this was absolutely one of the hottest I’ve ever been in. I don’t know, maybe I’m a gluten, but I miss a lot of those days, so I thoroughly enjoyed being on stage with him and what he did. Big crowd inside, big crowd outside, it was chaos and pandemonium and I felt right at home. So, to Charlie, I appreciate what you do and carry on my friend, you’ve got a big future. Also, you may have heard Marty Stuart taking some vocals and playing guitar on that track of Charlie’s. Marty, once again took over the Ryman Auditorium to host his Late Night Jam on Wednesday night of the Festival. I played it last year, with Stapleton. I heard this year was another great one. 15th year of doing it and still going strong. The variety on the show is outrageous… from Steven Tyler to Doug Kershaw to Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys to Maren Morris to Duane Eddy to The Brothers Osborne to Connie Smith to JD McPherson, who we’ve toured with, to The Oak Ridge Boys…I mean come on…let me play a couple of those tunes from some artists that graced the Ryman stage with Marty this year…

“Rebel Rouser” 2:24 – Duane Eddy – Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Travel

“Head Over Heels” 3:18 – JD McPherson– Let The Good Times Roll

“Diggy Diggy Lo” 2:23 – Doug Kershaw – Greatest Hits

We’re back after three tunes. First was Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Duane Eddy with Rebel Rouser, which you may remember from being used in the a little move called “Forrest Gump”. Followed by JD McPherson “Head Over Heels” and Doug Kershaw’s “Diggy Diggy Lo” a hit in 1961, sounds like it’d still be a rap hit now… You may remember his song “Louisiana Man” which has been covered by 800 artists…you heard me…that’s correct. 800 artists. I’m going to play one more. Some of you know this band was part of my early childhood. It was played around my house and I just feel like playing it. So here’s a Late Night song for the Late Night Jam… the Oak Ridge Boys… from their debut album in 1977, “Y’all Come Back Saloon”.

“Ya’ll Come Back Saloon” 2:54 – The Oak Ridge Boys – Y’all Come Back Saloon

“Bible and a .44” 3:56 – Ashley McBryde – Jalopies & Expensive Guitars

That was “Bible and a .44” by Ashley McBryde, a CMA Fest discovery. She’s not signed to a record label, yet, but she put out an EP on her own and was playing small stages and bars all through the week. Check it out if you’re looking for something brand new and something really, really authentic and good. Now on to the other festival down the road… Bonnaroo. This one has is all, and this year was no exception… from LCD Soundsystem to Dead & Company. Lots of campers down there, in fact, I heard Lee Ann Womack had one of the coolest campers… and old airstream, complete with pink flamingos in the front yard. She was there to see her daughter perform, Aubrie Sellars. Here’s a tune from her…

“Light of Day” 4:10 – Aubrie Sellars– New City Blues

“Tennessee Jed” 7:11 – The Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 Live

“Eventually” 5:19 – Tame Impala – Currents

“The Wire” 4:05 – Haim – Days Are Gone

“Tennessee Jed” by the Grateful Dead, from 1972… I heard Dead and Company did a great version at Bonnaroo this year and I got a chance to do that version earlier, last year, on a tribute to the Grateful Dead. That was followed by two great new-ish rock bands, Tame Impala and Haim. Ok, one more thing I would like to share with you… one of the coolest things I have done in a long time, if not musically, top three. I was able to be a part of was a special recording at Third Man Records, Jack White’s place. This was INCREDIBLE. Bonnaroo headliner Pearl Jam played for about 100 people while they recorded… LIVE… straight to vinyl. And I’m telling you, when you see this go straight to vinyl and you hear it go straight to vinyl, and there’s no in between it’s just something I could never explain, and I was very fortunate to be there. Jack White jumped up on stage and played with Pearl Jam, played with Eddy and the guys and for my money it was the best band I had seen and I’ve seen a lot of great bands. I was blown away by their musicianship, I was blown away by how great they still are and how great they still sound. I was blown away by seeing that go directly to vinyl, that I know I’ll be able to listen to and know I was there. No tricks, just straight music and I appreciated the opportunity. It’s why I love vinyl so much, it’s why I love music so much. I thank Pearl Jam, I thank Jack for being one of those guys that lets that stuff happen and is just a genius, being a guy ahead of the curve. So thanks, Jack, thanks Eddy, thanks Pearl Jam. So I will leave with this, since I’ve been raving, I’ll leave it with ”Alive” from the great Pearl Jam. ‘Til next time…

“Alive” – 5:41 – Pearl Jam– Ten

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