Outsiders Radio: Episode #14

March 30, 2016


Hey, it’s Eric Church back for the FOURTEENTH episode of “Outsiders Radio”. It’s MARCH and we are in the heart of my favorite time of the year…the NCAA Basketball Tournament…March Madness! Many of you already know I am a HUGE college basketball fan, and of course, I bleed blue for my Carolina Tar Heels. I was there this year for a heartbreaking loss to the team that we shall never name. So, at the time of this taping, we are still alive… therefore…

“Sirius” 1:55 – The Alan Parsons Project – Eye in The Sky

“Carolina Blues” 4:44 – Blues Traveler – Straight On Till Morning

This is Eric Church on Outsiders Radio and we just played “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project on Sirius. This was the song our chief export walked out to every night during the Bull’s heyday, you know the guy, the Tar Heel… Michael Jordan…(also, makes a decent pair of boxer briefs I’m told…) Interesting story about that, throughout his entire career the undershorts that Jordan wore under his Bulls jersey were Carolina Blue, a little tidbit there. That next tune was by Blues Traveler, “Carolina Blues” which features the line …”and when my Carolina throw down, you know the girl knows how to fight”…yeah man… speaking of fighting… here’s Queen “Fight From the Inside”

“Fight From The Inside” 3:02 – Queen – News Of The World

“Oh My Sweet Carolina” 4:57 – Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker

“Copperline” 4:39 – James Taylor – (Live)

Eric Church here and that was three in a row. After Queen, we heard from a great North Carolina singer/songwriter, Ryan Adams with “Oh My Sweet Carolina” followed by a live version of James Taylor’s “Copperline”, which is a song about Morgan Creek, just a short walk from his childhood home in the South part of Chapel Hill, another UNC alum. Here’s another great artist from Tryon, NC. She’s recorded over 40 albums, mostly between 1958 and 1974. Here’s Eunice Kathleen Waymon, better known as Nina Simone, tell us how we feel…

“Feeling Good” 2:54 – Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You

“Greensboro Woman” 2:19 – Townes Van Zandt – High, Low and In Between

“Wagon Wheel” 3:52 – O.C.M.S– Old Crow Medicine Show

Hey it’s Eric Church and I’ve taken over The Highway on SiriusXM. We’re back on Outsiders Radio. You just heard Nina Simone, “Feeling Good”, possibly the best song we’ve ever played on any of our Outsiders Radio shows, just fantastic. The GREAT Townes Van Zandt with a tune called “Greensboro Woman” and we just heard Old Crow Medicine Show thumbin’ a ride to North Caroline… Ketch Secor of the band likes to say he co-wrote this with Bob Dylan, and it’s kind of true, the chorus was an unreleased demo that Dylan wrote and surfaced on a bootleg, Ketch got a hold of it and wrote the verses around Dylan’s unfinished chorus; pretty cool. There also may be another version of this song, but I’m not sure anybody heard that one…Let’s keep rollin’

“Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart” 3:15 – Whiskeytown

“Carolina” 4:39 – Eric Church – Carolina

“Samson And Delilah” 4:04 – Blind Gary Davis – Harlem Street Singer

Rev. Gary Davis! Sometimes he recorded as Blind Gary Davis before he was ordained in 1937. He was a leader in the Durham scene in the 1920’s and 30’s. You might know this next tune, probably the Linda Ronstadt or Flying Burrito Brothers version, but the song, Break My Mind, was first a hit in 1967 for Winston-Salem’s George Hamilton IV, which happens to be written by fellow North Carolinian, John D. Lowdermilk. Since this is my show, let’s see if we can smash these together… Heard here, only on SiriusXM. “Break My Mind” 2:52 – George Hamilton IV / Linda Ronstadt – ***MIX*** Alright! Well, I know this show was North Carolina heavy, but you know, it is that time of year and I hope as your listening my Tar Heels are still in it. I want to go out on this one… a Dunn, NC boy. His first hit was banned from radio for fear it would incite teenage gang violence, and guess what, it was an INSTRUMENTAL. Here it is, from 1958, going out to my Heels…Beat the hell out of Indiana. And until next time, here’s Link Wray with “Rumble”

“Rumble” – 2:21 – Link Wray – Link Wray and The Draymen

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