Outsiders Radio: Episode #13

March 1, 2016


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirteenth episode of “Outsiders Radio”. Lucky number 13…hmm...I was thinking about this episode and it struck me; a lot of people view 13 as unlucky. Every year February brings the Grammys to the music world. We all either watch, or slyly inquire about who wins, which undoubtedly leaves a lot of people that didn’t win maybe feeling unlucky. Then again, there are some pretty big Artists that have never won a Grammy. My question is, were they unlucky? Or are they actually the lucky ones? Well, what I thought I would do is walk you through some of these “Grammy-less” artists and you can tell me. let’s try this for starters… No Grammys, I repeat NO Grammys…

“We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions” – Queen – News Of The World

“I Wanna Be Sedated” 2:29 – The Ramones – Road To Ruin

That was Queen and The Ramones, both never have won a Grammy, but both are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… and yeah, so is this guy….

“All Along The Watchtower” 4:01 – The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Electric Ladyland

“Lola” 4:01 – The Kinks – Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One

“You Really Got Me” 2:14 – The Kinks – Kinks

You just heard The Jimi Hendrix Experience with “All Along the Watchtower” followed by a double from The Kinks with “Lola” and “You Really Got Me”. Let’s see, that’s The Ramones, Queen, Hendrix and The Kinks…no Grammys. All in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and all ahead of their time. What else do we got? Oh yeah, how about some Talking Heads…

“Burning Down The House” 4:02 – Talking Heads – Speaking in Tongues

“Three Little Birds” 3:00 – Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus

“Rock and Roll All Nite” 2:49 – Kiss– Dressed To Kill

We are halfway through my list of Grammy-less artists. That was Talking Heads with “Burning Down the House”, Bob Marley and The Wailiers with “Three Little Birds” and Kiss with their classic, “Rock and Roll All Nite”. Starting to feel ridiculous isn’t it? But wait, there’s more…

“Oh Boy” 2:08 – Buddy Holly (The Crickets) – The “Chirping” Crickets

“Me and Bobby McGee” 4:31 – Janis Joplin – Pearl

“Sweet Child of Mine” 5:56 – Guns & Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Buddy Holly with the Crickets “Oh Boy” followed by the great Janis Joplin with “Me and Bobby McGee” and finally Guns and Roses with “Sweet Child of Mine”. I think we have time for a few more here… let’s hear from Iggy…

“The Passenger” 4:44 – Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

“Harder Than You Think” 4:10 – Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul to Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?

“Brown Eyed Handsome Man” 2:16 – Chuck Berry – After School Session

Yes, I just played Iggy Pop, Public Enemy and Chuck Berry… Great, important artists, but all have no Grammys. Oh, I’ve got to squeeze this one in… a classic from Run DMC.

“Walk This Way” – 5:10 – Run DMC – Raising Hell

Alright! So were you surprised? Who won Grammys, who didn’t win Grammys. I think the point is, whether you win or lose, just do what you do and follow your passion. Awards are great, recognition is nice, but there is a long history of artists of all types being recognized way past the time that actually created their art, it had nothing to do with the trophy. Most of them were way ahead of their time anyway, they were disruptors of the status quo. So, were they lucky? Were they unlucky? I think we’re the lucky ones…I will leave you with one… keep on out there and stay true… boys and girls, here’s The Who…

“Baba O’Riley” – 5:00 – The Who – Who’s Next

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