Outsiders Radio: Episode #12

January 30, 2016


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the TWELTH episode of “Outsiders Radio”, which means we’ve been doing this for a year on Sirius XM The Highway. We sit here in January… it’s wintertime in Nashville. I’ve been spending my time here and in North Carolina, getting in some down time before we start back up. They dragged me off a mountain for the National Championship game… which was a very cool experience. It’s really easy for me being a football fan to go to something like that, to talk football. We played the tailgate party, and watched a great game… I guess that depends on your perspective, but I had a good time either way. As I returned I couldn’t help being hit hard with the news that both David Bowie and Glenn Frey have moved on to the great beyond within days of each other. Both so young. And it seems like we lost a lot of great ones over the last year, so I thought I would dig into some of these artists… I don’t want this show to be a bummer, but rather a celebration of some people who dedicated themselves to bringing us some of the greatest art of all time. I know they meant a lot to me and I know the meant a lot to other artists and just people in general. And great art moves us all forward… let’s go…

“Take it Easy” 3:32 – Eagles – Eagles

“Heartache Tonight” 4:26 – Eagles – The Long Run

Glenn Frey on lead vocals with the band he co-founded with Don Henley. First, on a song he co-wrote with his then neighbor, Jackson Browne, “Take It Easy”. Glenn said he only wrote one line…but… what a line… “such a fine site to see, it’s a girl my Lord in a flat bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me…”. Glenn, I don’t care if that’s the only line you ever write. You should get credit for all the songs, for that line alone. It was the Eagles first single, released May 1st, 1972. Looking back it is hard to believe that it peaked at #12. You’ve heard me talk many times that it’s not about how high a song goes on the chart, but it’s about what it meant to the people. There’s a difference between hits and copyrights. And that is a copyright. The second tune, that’s “Heartache Tonight”, is off the album The Long Run, which Glenn wrote with Henley, J.D. Souther and Bob Seger. The story goes that J.D. and Glenn wrote the first verse listening to Sam Cooke songs, and then in the heart of jamming, Glenn called Seger on the phone and sang him the first verse.. Seger immediately blurted out the chorus… gotta love songwriting!

Next up are a couple tunes that run deep in our musical heritage. Songs that will never, never be forgotten.

“Stand By Me” 3:00 – Ben E. King – Don’t Play That Song

“When A Man Loves A Woman” 2:54 – Percy Sledge – When A Man Loves a Woman

We’re back after two more classics. The first was “Stand By Me” by the great Ben E. King. King wrote that with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Originally the song was pitched to The Drifters, but they passed, so Ben recorded it himself. There are over 400 recorded versions of that song. Amazing…and it was passed on. And then we played “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge, another great we lost in the past year. That track was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in 1966. In fact, it was the first number one hit to come out of Muscle Shoals… you guys know Muscle Shoals… Aretha, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, The Stones, Dylan…and that was the first #1. Speaking of rock and roll, and the roots of rock and roll, we also lost a couple of hard rockers this year. Let’s hear from them…

“Plush” 5:10 – Stone Temple Pilots – Core

“Ace of Spades” 2:47 – Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Scott Weiland was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots… gone this year at 48 years old, way too young. I played their hit “Plush”. Followed by Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. We also lost Lemmy, who founded and fronted Motorhead. His music certainly is one of the foundation stones of heavy metal. One of his early jobs was as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, which I didn’t know. We saw him one night at the famed Rainbow Room in Los Angeles after we played a gig. This guy was the real deal to the end. As was this guy…

“Rebel Rebel” 4:29 – David Bowie– Diamond Dogs

“Ziggy Stardust” 3:14 – David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy…

“Space Oddity” 3:58 – David Bowie – David Bowie

David Bowie. One of the most influential artists of all time. He certainly influenced me. Anybody who’s ever listened to “Creepin” and hears “bring it down, down, down, down” we kinda stole that from a little song called “Fame”, just for educational purposes. We just heard “Space Oddity”, which Bowie wrote inspired by the Apollo 11 space mission. Bowie recorded it just 5 days prior to what would become the first manned moon landing. The single was not played on the BBC until the Apollo crew had safely returned. The song reached #5 on the UK single chart, but only went to #124 in America, which is amazing, because I didn’t even know they went to 124. Before that, “Ziggy Stardust” and we stared this set with “Rebel Rebel”. David Bowie was an artist, artist to the end. He passed on January 10th, two days after the release of his final record Blackstar. Give it a listen, it is a true artist knowing the end is near, and writing about it and recording about it. It’s an incredible record.

“Last Train” 3:02 – Allen Toussaint – Southern Nights

That was “Last Train” by Allen Toussaint. We lost Allen while on tour in Madrid, Spain. Talk about the man. One of the key figures of New Orleans Music. He produced The Meters, Dr. John, even that little LaBelle hit “Lady Marmalade”. He collaborated with everyone from Paul McCartney to a wonderful record with Elvis Costello to John Mayer, even arranged horns for the Band’s “The Last Waltz, which for this singer/songwriter, was one of the most influential pieces of music and video that I’ve ever witnessed. Oh yeah, he’s a songwriter too… like “Working in a Coal Mine” and “Southern Nights”. His songs, cover by the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Who, have changed the course of music. If you’re not familiar with Allen Toussaint, you should check him out. His effect on music is very far reaching… certainly was for this artist… Speaking of legends, let’s hear from another one. Here’s B.B. King…

“The Thrill Is Gone” – 5:27 – B.B. King – Completely Well

Damn… B. B. King says “The Thrill is Gone”, but for us the trill goes on. These great artists continue to inspire and influence all of us. We will miss them. I will miss them. But we will keep their memories and music alive. Here’s to everyone, and those we’ve loved along the way… ‘til next time… See you guys.

“Those I’ve Loved” – 5:04 – Eric Church – Carolina

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