Outsiders Radio: Episode #11

December 30, 2015


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the ELEVENTH episode of “Outsiders Radio” right here on The Highway. I cannot believe we’ve been through eleven of these this year. It’s the closing of 2015 and the beginning of a new year. A new year full of possibilities. So, I thought for this show we would look back a little and man, what a year it’s been… but more importantly at the end of every year, we’re gonna take a look forward. I want to be music heavy on this show. Music, at least for me, is a marker of time. Years from now you hear that special song and you are transported right back to that moment and being in that moment. Music has always has that power, and if you’re listening, we made it through 2015… so we should all be thankful. I am thinking maybe we should start with some of the biggest moments in music this year… one word on this one… Adele.

“Hello” 4:55 – Adele – 25

“Tennessee Whiskey” 4:53 – Chris Stapleton – Traveller

You just heard Adele from the bazillion seller “25” and our current country sensation, and my good friend, Chris Stapleton from his stellar album “Traveller”. What a singer he is. I was able to sing with him a bunch this year, one of the highlights of the year, and I’m very, very proud of him. It’s a win for the good guys. Another good guy who released a great album this year is Jason Isbell, here is “24 Frames” from his album “Something More Than Free”:

“24 Frames” 3:13 – Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free

“Don’t Wanna Fight” 3:52 – Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

That was “24 Frames” from Jason Isbell followed by Alabama Shakes with “Don’t Wanna Fight” from their newest album released this year called “Sound & Color”. This next one is from Rhiannon Giddens. It’s from her latest Record Store day release, which was the remaining material that was cut by T Bone Burnett for her incredible “Tomorrow Is My Turn” record. She’s up for a Grammy for that album this February. She’s also singing with me on a track on my latest Album, Mr. Misunderstood, in case you missed it. We kind of slipped it in there… Anyway, she sings on a track called “Kill A Word”. What the hell, it’s my show, I just play it, but first, here’s Rhiannon, with a little insight into her upbringing with a tune called “Moonshiner’s Daughter”.

“Moonshiner’s Daughter” 3:58 – Rhiannon Giddens – Factory Girl

“Kill A Word” 3:19 – Eric Church – Mr. Misunderstood

“Unsteady” 3:14 – X Ambassadors – VHS

Alright, we’re back on Outsiders Radio and that was three in a row. Rhiannon Giddens with “Moonshiners Daughter”, followed by “Kill A Word” and a really cool song I discovered this year from a band called “X Ambassadors”. The song is called “Unsteady”. I think it paints a vivid picture of a tough reality from the child’s perspective. Really good band. And speaking of good bands, doing good work, check out Death Cab for Cutie and their track called “Black Sun” from their 2015 album “Kintsugi”….

“Black Sun’” 4:49 – Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi

“Burning House” 3:51 – Cam – Untamed

“Diners” 4:23 – The Lone Bellow – Diners

Death Cab with “Black Sun” followed by a great new country artist Cam with her hit “Burning House”. You’ll be hearing a lot more from her in 2016, and I for one am a fan. After that was The Lone Bellow with their great harmonies… a song called “Diners”. Got to tour with those guys some this year and meet them and their families and it was truly a blast. Ok, I am ready to crank it up a little… this is another great 2015 release, here’s Sleater-Kinney

“Surface Envy” 3:07 – Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love

“Girl Crush” 3:13 – Little Big Town – Painkiller

“What Kind Of Man” 3:36 – Florence & The Machine – How Big, How Blue

That was “What Kind Of Man” by Florence and the Machine. We started that set with “Surface Envy” by Sleater-Kinney, the all girl rockers from Olympia,WA… fresh off a hiatus that lasted from 2007-2013… I like the way they roll. Sure glad those girls are back.. maybe that’s why I played “Girl Crush” the LBT hit… ok, I am still feeling like some 2015 rock and roll… and this track is full of it. Try this on… here’s Muse with “Reapers” on Outsiders Radio.

“Reapers” – 6:00 – Muse – Drones

Oh yeah… that was Muse produced by the one and only, thank God, Mutt Lange… plenty of guitar on that one. And as we look forward into the great unknown of 2016, hold your ground, do your best, and as Allison Moorer says, “I ain’t lookin’ back I’m just lookin’ up” and the one thing we know is it ain’t never gonna be like it used to be… ‘til next time…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and I will see you, believe it or not, in 2016. See you guys.

“Like It Used To Be” – 3:19 – Allison Moorer – Down to Believing

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