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Outsiders Radio is a monthly radio show hosted by Eric Church on SiriusXM’s The Highway that explores Eric’s personal music influences and plays his current favorites. Church also plays exclusive, never before heard music from his own archives.

Outsiders Radio airs on the last Friday of every month at 10:00 pm ET via satellite on The Highway channel 56 and through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at siriusxm.com.

The show is also rebroadcasted on Mondays at 12:00 am ET and Wednesdays at 11:00 pm ET.

Outsiders Radio: Episode #46

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-sixth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  A lot has happened in the past month.  Grammy nominations came out, and there are a lot of my friends on that list.  We were in Asheville, NC recently for the 30th annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam.  That was certainly an honor.  Plus I’ve been working on the setlist for the Double Down tour, kicking off in a few weeks. Full rehearsals will happen in early January, so we’re getting close!

I’m looking forward to playing a lot of the new songs from the Desperate Man album.   Here’s one I don’t think I’ve done in a show yet.

There’s a long story about that song.  The short version is it was a last minute addition to the Desperate Man album, and I’m glad it’s there. 

I’m Eric Church and this is Outsiders Radio.  Early in December I traveled to Ashville NC to take part in the 30th annual Warren…

December 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #45

AIR DATE: November 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-fifth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  We’ve been spotlighting songs from my new album Desperate Man.  This time, we’re going to feature “Jukebox & A Bar.” Those two things go together in my mind.  If you know me, you know I’m an old school kind of guy.  When you’ve got a problem, when you’re hurtin,’ there’s nothing like a jukebox and a bar.  It’s all about music & alcohol.  That’s where this song came from.

So there you go…that’s MY take on a jukebox song.  I’m not the first to tackle that subject.  Merle Haggard, Ernest Tubb, Gene Watson, and many other legends sang about the almighty jukebox.  The ultimate in old school!  A mechanical device that plays vinyl records.  So in this episode of Outsiders Radio, we’re gonna spend some time with the jukebox.  THIS song was originally recorded by Keith…

November 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #44

AIR DATE: October 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-fourth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  It’s been a few weeks since I released my new album “Desperate Man,” and I hope you’ve been able to hear it.  This week we’re going to focus on one of the songs called “Hippie Radio.”  

Great memories of a boy & his dad in a Pontiac listening to the Hippie Radio.  We all have those songs we remember from when we were kids.  I named about ten songs, mostly from the 70s, in that song.  It’s likely that NONE of those songs have ever been played here on The Highway.  You probably have to tune to 70s on 7 or one of the other channels to hear them.  Some of you may be too young to know them.  So I thought we’d play them in this edition of Outsiders Radio.  Hopefully, you’re traveling in your car as we play our OWN version of Hippie Radio…starting with THIS one.

That was…

October 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #43

AIR DATE: September 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-third episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  We’re very excited to say it’s release week here in the Church camp.  My new album Desperate Man will be released this Friday October 5th. In this episode of Outsiders Radio, you’ll meet my co-writer on Desperate Man: Ray Wylie Hubbard.  We also just announced our 2019 Double Down Tour.  But let’s get started with a song for the folks at Doheny State Beach, and the Ohana Music Festival that we played just south of LA.

Indeed I do…happy to appear at the Ohana Music Festival near L-A with Norah Jones and Amos Lee.  So we’re just a few days away from the release of my new album Desperate Man…it will be available next Friday.  Throughout the month we’ve been previewing songs from it to the Church Choir, and so here’s one you may have already heard.

That’s one of the…

September 9, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #42

Air Date: August 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-second episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  You’re gonna hear an Eric Church song you’ve NEVER heard before in this edition of Outsiders Radio.  It’s a song I recorded for a tribute album that’s available today.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.  But first, just five weeks until “D-Day,” the release of Desperate Man. (Or maybe “E-day”) If you’re a member of the Church Choir, you’ll receive your copy on October 5th.  The title song is already in the Top 20.  Thanks again for all your support, here’s Desperate Man.

I loved writing that song…in fact my co-writer, Ray Wylie Hubbard, will be here on Outsiders Radio next month.  No telling WHAT he’ll say.  But in THIS show, I’m spotlighting a new tribute album to the legendary singer/songwriter Roger Miller.  You know how much I love writers, and Roger was…

September 8, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #41

Air Date: July 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the forty-first episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  We’re really excited because we just announced that we have new music!  In fact I’m SO excited, let’s get right to it!  Here’s my new single: Desperate Man.

What can I say?  Once again, so happy to have new music out now, and even happier to be able to say an entire album will be delivered to all Church Choir members on October 5th.  More on that later.  Back to the song.  By now, I’m sure regular listeners to Outsiders Radio know the name Ray Wylie Hubbard.  We’ve played a few of his songs on this show.  He’s a legendary Texas singer/songwriter who is as dedicated to his music as I am to mine.  We hit it off a few years ago, we’ve sung together a few times, and earlier this year, I got to induct him into the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame.  This new song,…

July 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #40

AIR DATE: June 2018

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the fortieth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  As you know by now, we celebrate the outlaws of country here on Outsiders Radio: The folks who do it their own way, who buck the establishment, and stand up for what they believe in.  With that in mind, there’s a new exhibit on that subject at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville. It’s called “Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring 70s.” Jessi Colter and Shooter Jennings were at the opening of the exhibit last month, and you’ll hear from both of them here this week.  But let’s get things started with a song that sort of summed up the whole outlaw movement from the great Waylon Jennings.

A song that’s as true today as it was back in 1975 from the great Waylon Jennings. Waylon spent many years fighting with his record label over creative control of his…

June 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #39


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-ninth episode of “Outsiders Radio.”  Last month I played a couple of make-up shows in Texas, and to make them even more special, we had the legendary Steve Earle & The Dukes open for us.  Steve was one of those guys who put the cool back in country in the late 80s.  To give you an idea what I mean, here’s one of Steve’s biggest hits.

Some great lyrics in that song, and Steve Earle wrote every word himself about his life on the road.  “I got a two pack habit and a motel tan.  When my boots hit the boards I’m a brand new man.  With my back to the riser, I make my stand.” That right there describes life on the road.  He joined us for two shows in Texas last month, and you can imagine how it felt for him to sing the words “I’m just out of Austin, bound for San Antone, with the radio blastin’ and the bird dog on.”

May 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #38


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-eighth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   This week I’ll spotlight a good friend and a great country singer/songwriter: Ashley McBryde.  Her debut album, “Girl Going Nowhere,” was just released.  She’ll introduce some songs and tell some great stories.  But first, we just celebrated Record Store Day around the country, and for it, I released a special collection of cover songs from last year’s Holdin’ My Own tour.  THIS one’s 55 years old, and it was originally done by Dave Dudley in 1963.

A whole lot of legends have recorded that song over the years, including George Jones, Charley Pride, and my buddy Steve Earle.  But that’s OUR version of “Six Days On The Road,” recorded last year in Pittsburgh, and available on 61 Days In Church (Cover Songs) available now on vinyl!

We’ve been doing this radio show for…

April 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #37


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-seventh episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   This month I’m going to put the spotlight on the ladies.  I’ve had the chance to sing with some great women over the last few years.  Some on record, some on the road, and some on TV shows.  I’ve also written with a few. Let’s start with Rhiannon Giddens.

My thanks to the great Rhiannon Giddens for singing with me on that song.  We sang it together on several TV shows, including the 2016 CMA Awards and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  For those of you who don’t know, Rhiannon is a member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a Grammy winning band from my home state.  She really brought a style and authenticity to that song that wouldn’t have been there without her.  Let’s hear Rhiannon sing one of her OWN songs.

That’s Rhiannon Giddens with one of her recent songs…

March 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #36


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-sixth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   This weekend, I’ll introduce you to one of my musical collaborators, Jeff Hyde, who has a new solo album called Norman Rockwell World.  In fact, let’s start the show with a song that was our first hit together, from my second album Carolina.

There you go…my first musical collaboration with Jeff Hyde from back in 2010.  It may not have been a big success at radio, peaking around #16.  But it was my second Platinum-selling single, and it’s a BIG hit at my shows.  We’ve had a lot more success since then.  Jeff just released his debut album, and I thought I’d hand the show over to HIM.  Just so you know, Jeff was born and raised in Marshall Texas, and came to Nashville in 2001.  A few years later, he made a connection that brought him to me.

JEFF: Since right around…

February 1, 2018

Outsiders Radio: Episode #35


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the thirty-fifth episode of “Outsiders Radio”.   This time, we’ll celebrate the 60th annual Grammy Awards, taking place in New York City, and broadcast Sunday night on CBS-TV.  I’ll be performing a special Vegas tribute during the show.  I’ll tell you my story about GOING to the Grammys 3 years ago…after we play the title song from my Grammy-nominated album The Outsiders.

I guess nobody felt more like an “outsider” than me when I attended the Grammy Awards in 2015.  I mean, The Grammy Awards honor the best of the best in the music business.  That award is the Holy Grail of our industry.  In 2015, I had four nominations…one in every country category.  So I was offered a chance to perform on the show.  It was my first time performing on the Grammys.  Only one problem: My wife was more than 8 months pregnant, and she…

January 1, 2018