April 30, 2020

Outsiders Radio: Episode #62

 AIR DATE: April 2020

SHOW THEME: Stagecouch


Hey everybody, it’s Eric Church back for the sixty-second episode of “Outsiders Radio.” 



Who will answer the call?  We’re not just sitting around.  We’re getting ready.  The explosion we’ll create when we get back on the road will decimate this virus.  We were all looking forward to headlining Stagecoach.  I thought I’d be there now.  We’ll be there longer and louder in October.  So for now, we’ll wait, and get ready.  That’s who we are.



This week on Outsiders Radio, the Sounds of Stagecoach…what you WOULD have heard if we had been there.  In addition to the headliners, a big part of Stagecoach is the new music.  They have the Sirius XM Spotlight Stage, where you can hear new artists before they hit it big.  One of those new artists is singer/songwriter Niko Moon.  He had his first success writing songs with Zac Brown.  He was raised on the music of John Prine and Patty Griffin, so I like him already.  Here’s Niko Moon.



That’s newcomer Niko Moon, who’ll be part of the SiriusXM Spotlight Stage at this year’s Stagecoach festival.  Also playing that stage will be a lady who actually has the #1 song on country radio this week: Gabby Barrett. 




We’re spotlighting artists who would have been a part of the Stagecoach Festival on this edition of Outsiders Radio.  Gabby Barrett will perform on the SiriusXM Spotlight Stage for the new dates in October. There’s also the Palomino Stage, where a number of legends will perform.  Among them: Pam Tillis, who just released a new album called “Looking For A Feeling.”


         **Looking For a Feeling—Pam Tillis (from Looking For a Feeling) 

             Audio not available at time of publishing




One of the great hits from Pam Tillis, who will be part of Stagecoach in October. Other country artists who’ll be featured on the Palomino Stage will be Neal McCoy and Shenandoah.  That show will close with an artist who’s best known for his rock and pop hits.  Bryan Adams had a string of worldwide hits including “Everything I Do (I Do It For You).” But a few years ago he released an album of cover songs called “Tracks Of My Years.”  On it, there are a few classic country songs, including THIS one written by one of my heroes: Kris Kristofferson.




The “country” side of rocker Bryan Adams, who’ll perform at Stagecoach in October.  All of the artists we’ve played so far were scheduled to play this weekend.  Some artists on the April dates couldn’t do the festival when it moved to October.  So that opened a slot for my good friend Ashley McBryde. 



One of the artists who’ll be part of the Stagecoach Festival when it takes place in October: Ashley McBryde.  My night at Stagecoach will be incredible.  Everyone knows that I’m a big fan of Jon Pardi, and Jon will be part of my night.


Jon: I was like I’m glad to take the first of three slots. But that;s gonna be one of the biggest nights at Stagecoach. It was just having that opportunity now, they hit me up last year, and I was on tour with Luke or Dierks, so we missed out, or we didn’t miss out because we were on tour with great artists, but we just wanted to do that, I did, because you can’t become a headliner if you don’t headline!



Looking forward to seeing Jon Pardi at Stagecoach in October.  Also on the show that night will be a Country Music Hall of Famer who celebrated his 30th anniversary in the business last year: Alan Jackson.  He’s had an amazing career, and sometimes even Alan is surprised it’s lasted this long.


Alan: When I was trying to get a record deal, I thought if you could have a hit or two, you’d last two or three years, five years would be big, so I wasn’t expecting a long term thing. But after Here In The Real World did well, and then Don’t Rock The Jukebox, I felt like that was a big climb for me, felt pretty comfortable at that level, I’d already been headlining some shows and things.




That’s one of the great songs from Alan Jackson.  We’re all sorry that we weren’t able to play Stagecoach this week.  The anticipation makes the moment we’re back on stage even more important.  I can’t wait to see you, and I can’t wait to HEAR you.



Before we wrap things up, we’ve lost a lot of people to this virus, and a few who really hit close to home.  First of all, we’re all shocked by the loss of Joe Diffie, who had a string of country hits in the 90s.  One week later, I was saddened by the loss of John Prine.  He was one of my all-time favorites…a consummate songwriter…someone who taught me how to write a song. Until next time, I’ll leave you with this from John Prine.