Eric Church

rowdyshotgunsuz @rowdyshotgunsuz

I have been raised a Hank Jr. fan my whole life and Eric ranks right there with him! I play Eric every day at some point, especially on 10 in my truck! I have music playing all the time especially at work! When I'm on the tractor or cutting up tree's for a long day working sometime's I put my playlist on straight EC shuffle to get me through! No one compares!!! The raw truth and the nerve speaks to my soul. I admire the clever lyrics and the fact he writes his own stuff!!! His music has been there through a lot of good times and bad. I've been a hard core fan ever since I saw him open for Hank Jr. at Bridgestone Arena! I've attended every tour/show in Knoxville Pit and 3x's to Nashville shows. Would go to more If I Could! I've turned more on to his music than I can count on both hands and hate where a lot of country has gone but I realize it's a fad and, I KNOW WHERE I COME FROM "HOW BOUT YOU"!!🤘