Eric Church

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Released February 11, 2014 EMI Records Nashville

Produced by Jay Joyce

Executive Producer – Arturo Buenahora, Jr.

Recorded by Jason Hall at St. Charles (Nashville, TN) Assisted by Matthew Wheeler

Additional Recording by Jay Joyce

Mixed by Jay Joyce at St. Charles (Nashville, TN) Assisted by Matthew Wheeler

Production Assistance by Scott Johnson

Mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters (Nashville, TN)


Eric Church – Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Craig Wright – Drums and Percussion, Background Vocals

Lee Hendricks – Bass, Baritone Guitar, Percussion, Background Vocals

Jay Joyce – Baritone, Electric Guitar, Hammond C-3, Piano, Pump Organ, Drums, Percussion, Bass, White Noise Generator, Sound Effects, Omnichord, Wurlitzer, Synth Mando, Background Vocals

Jeff Hyde – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Background Vocals

Bryan Sutton – Acoustic, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Octave-Mandolin, Mandolin, Bass-Banjo, Slide Dobro, Dobro, Piano, Bouzouki, Percussion

J.T. Corenflos – Electric Guitar

Barry Green, Roy Agee – Trombone

Jason Sellers, Joanna Cotton, Matthew Wheeler, Jason Hall – Background Vocals

Bryan Sutton appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records, a Welk Music Group company

Management: John Peets, Q Prime South, Inc. Nashville, TN

Art Direction & Design: Karen Naff

Photography: John Peets

Thank you: First of all I'm so thankful for the gift of music. It is a spiritual and Divine blessing that I treat with the respect it deserves from Whom it was bestowed. My wife Katherine, I love and live for you. To Boone, you've changed my life and given it joy and purpose I never knew existed. I love you son. Jay Joyce, I enjoy our relationship more with every record. We never settle. Thank you for being you. John Peets, what a journey, if I had a dime for every time we got each other in trouble we would be on a beach by now. Thank you for your guidance, counsel, and fellowship. I look forward to the next chapter. Arthur Buenahora, well, you got us into this, I can't express enough the trust and belief I have in you. It's a special thing we have. To the Q Prime team - Randi Seplow, Fielding Logan, June Simon and Angela Lange - an engine is only as good as its parts. We have the best parts and the fastest ride out there. I thank you guys. Ebie McFarland, I know I say no to everyone and everything, very thankful you said yes to me. Thanks for all you do. Jay Williams and William Morris, Jamie Cheek and FBMM, Louie Messina and TMG, Mike Dungan, Tom Becci, Royce Risser, Cindy Mabe and everyone at UMG, and especially my EMI promotion team, thank you for doing all the stuff no one sees you do. I know you do it, and I'm grateful. To Debra Williams and Katy Robbins, I appreciate what you do. Peter Zavadil thank you for getting what we do and capturing it! Finally, to my other family. Marshall Alexander, I would literally be lost without you. I thank and love you. Todd Bunch, where do the years go? Thank you for building a culture that is second to none and always being willing to go the extra mile. To the crew, you work the hardest and love it the most. It's inspiring. I got your back always. To my brothers in music – Jeff Cease, Lee Hendricks, Jeff Hyde, Driver Williams, & Craig Wright - I'd do anything for you and go anywhere with you. I love you. To the fans, our choir, our fellow outsiders, you’re the tip of the sword. You are where this all starts and ends, and I thank you the most. Tell the world we are coming! -Chief

Eric Church and the ECB would like to thank:

Edge Apparel, Hellcat, All Access Coach Leasing, Gibson Guitars & Basses, Stage Call Corporation, Elixir Strings, Christie Lights, Mason Sound, Ultimate Ears, Steve Clayton Picks, Deering Banjos, Fishman Electronics, SJC Custom Drums, Blame Fuel Creative, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Legacy Percussion, Ampeg Bass Amps, EMG, Klein Pickups, David Allen Pickups, Xpress Instruments, Dean Markley Strings, Reinhardt Amplification, PRS Guitars, Krank Amplification, Ernie Ball Strings, Red Monkey Design Guitar Straps, Heil Sound, Wornstar Clothing, RippRacks, Keyser Finger Picks, Strictly FX, Triggs Acoustic Guitars, Lucchese Boots and Jack Daniel’s.