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Had Meet and Greet in Bossier City. Where do I find pics?

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Sep 15 8:46am

go to tour, then click on past dates the photos will appear on the right side when they are available

Sep 15 4:52pm


we calling you home chief!!!! ready to tear the fucking roof off awwwww

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Young fans enjoying a truly unforgettable night
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Wow, what an unforgettable night! I had the privilege of picking out a song to sing one last time on the tour . Huge thank you to Eric, his fantast...
Sep 15 12:04am

Where did you go to get your meet and greet picture?

Sep 15 7:46am

Go to


hey Guys at HQ, thank you so much for putting on the show in St. Louis last night. i do have one question that i am hoping could be answered. last night Me and my Fiance went expecting this VIP experience to be an awesome thing, apart from the acoustic set (which Rocked, definitely one of the highlights of the night), we were a little disappointed. the ticketmaster offer said the there would be 'a drink concierge (sp?)' (which didn't exist) and after the set, we had to fight our way though the crowd to get a good look at the stage (which by the time we finally got there we were both a little frustrated). i know nothing can be perfect and there is always someone complaining about something, but i was going to offer the suggestion that in the future, the wings of the stage could be reserved for those people with the VIP tickets to allow them access to the stage, i know it would be hard to enforce and 'unfair' but at the same time it wasn't fair to us having to fight our way to spot to enjoy the show. For members of the Choir that are considering an upgrade or buying the package, it was a great experience, but purchase the 'regular seats', that way you have good seats without to many issues.

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Sep 15 8:57am

Has this issue been addressed by anyone in the EC camp at all?

Sep 15 9:14am

I have VIP tickets for Mpls tomorrow. I am very nervous that this is not going to be a good experience. I thought that the amount of money I spent would guarantee a good spot and not having to fight to get a view.Hope EC camp replies.

Sep 15 9:17am

The Mohegan Sun shows seem to have a pit up front but the rest of the floor are seats... Guess it depends on the venue

Sep 15 9:29am

So glad I'm not the only one who feels they got the short end of the stick on the "VIP seats." When I spent my money, I thought I was paying for awesome RESERVED seats or spots in the pit area. What I paid for was a two song concert (which

Sep 15 9:32am

Was very cool, only to fight my way for a spot in the back of the pit. $580 bucks!!!! You get a Tshirt, a poster (not signed), and a deck of cards. We left immediately after the two song set, so I know there were several more VIPs with

Sep 15 9:34am

Worse spots than us. I am a huge Eric fan (seen him 7 times now) but unless they get this fixed I strongly encourage people to skip the VIP experience if you want pit seats to secure a good spot or buy regular seats and then upgrade your

Sep 15 9:35am

Package. And c'mon if you pay $240 and don't even get to meet him, he could at least sign the poster! Great show as always, my favorite artist. But just feel like those that are running his show either don't care or are unorganized.

Sep 15 11:39am

Total rip-off! No more of his shows or anything else for me! He was my favorite until Saturday night!

Sep 15 10:14am

Thanks for your review :)

Sep 15 11:20am

Absolutely NOTHING VIP about this experience! I was one of your biggest fans until Saturday night! No more of your concerts for me or merchandise! I can't believe you allow your biggest supporters to be ripped off so bad! What a shame!

Sep 15 2:46pm

Last tour the posters were autographed and it was $50 cheaper. STL was a bit different being that the whole floor was GA. If you had vip pit at a show with floor seat then you are just at the back of the pit not the whole floor.


I understand, from what I've read, that those who attend the 2song acoustic show have to then leave the area and get in line for the GA Pit, leaving the VIP ticket holders at the back of the GA floor. The floor in Charleston, is HUGE. What happened to the promise of seating in the first 15 rows of the pit? If there are no actual rows of seats, will there be a roped off area for VIP ticket holders? Hoping to get what we paid for, can anyone from EC's HQ respond please?

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Sep 15 7:48am

In STL, there were NO seats on the floor, it was all pit. We had to stand all the way back in front of the sound booth. We tried to cram in closer but you couldn't see anything and people were very rude, lots of pushing and shoving

Sep 15 7:49am

There is no roped off section for VIP. It's to each their own. We complained to the girl running the VIP and she just said "well you did get a 2 song acoustic show" but we would also have like to have a decent spot for the concert too

Sep 15 7:51am

We actually were standing by a lady who won a meet n greet from the fan club but had to miss the acoustic show in order to do the m&g. That really didn't seem fair. She paid to see that performance too. We felt bad for her.

Sep 15 8:35am

Surely this could be an easy fix. I'm sorry you had to stand in the back. Is the 2 song acoustic portion in a separate location, or do you just have to leave the pit area after that part to go get in another line?

Sep 15 9:45am

Our VIP was in the bar they have at Scott trade on the floor where the special boxes are. We were given no direction on where to go therefore it took even longer to get down to the pit. They just need a designated area in the pit for VIP

Sep 15 9:49am

And it's not so much there was a line to get down there, it was since Dwight had already started playing the pit was filled up. I would have much rather had a seat getting in there so late.


why is it so hard to get a decent ticket to the Oct 18th show for Philly @ Wells Fargo Center? All the good seats are on Stubhub for 3x the value. Any tricks to get better seats than nosebleeds? Thanks.


Anyone know how to buy pit tickets.. At the St Louis show last night there we people in the two pits of the stage..

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Sep 14 8:23pm

If you mean insider pit, director of Scott trade said that they had people handing bands out for those to random people in the nosebleed section. Also saw a girl that had one that was given to them when they picked up their tix @ willcall


Has any of the shows had the Choir Loft yet? If so, has anyone sat there or seen it and have an opinion about what they are like?

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Sep 14 7:16pm

we bought last minute tickets to st.louis and were right side behind the stage and I loved it I don't know if these are loft seats but eric and the band worked the whole stage and there was a screen up so u could see the front side stage

Sep 14 7:19pm

action next show we got pit tickets but was very pleased and enjoyed the show a lot even in seats.there are pictures I posted from our seats in the feed if u want to get a idea from it I can post more

Sep 14 8:20pm

Thanks John! I saw your pics and they look awesome! I think ours will be just a little farther to the left behind the stage. They are front row in the "Choir Loft" so I am hopeful!


Would you say every seat even behind him have good seats

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Sep 14 7:20pm


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seen some1 ask for this!
Sep 15 1:10am

No Sinners Like Me??? That's not ok.

Sep 15 1:13pm

Thanks for sharing this :)


Wondering if I should skip the VIP experience in order to assure a good pit spot. I heard terrible reviews from VIP members from the previous 3 concerts. I as well don't want to be screwed in the back of the pit at Minny. I assumed the two inside pits were for VIP. I guess they are randomized throughout the venue. What do you guys think?

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Sep 14 5:17pm

We are in Omaha and we are skipping the two song set to get next to the stage. We are not to happy about it but we want 2 hours of Eric not 2 songs then crappy seat for the night.

Sep 14 8:27pm

The acoustic was awesome BUT having to stand at the back of the pit for the whole show sucked. I feel for the money there should be a designated spot for VIP in the put, it's not fair. Thankfully I'm going to KC in Dec too and have just pit

Sep 14 10:11pm

if you have the money for two shows, then do it, the acoustic set was an awesome experience but overall, it wasn't as fun as we thought it would be, we are both thankful that we have floor seats for the show in Memphis

Sep 15 11:21am


Sep 15 4:01pm

Skip it. Just buy GA seat and be first in line. VIP means nothing once you get to the actual concert.


Does anyone know at what time does the Box Office at the Target Center in Minneapolis open to pick up pre-ordered tickets for the show on the 16th? Please and thank you!


Does it take a while to get all the meet and greet pictures uploaded? I had a meet and greet last night in St. Louis and see some pictures are already uploaded but don't see mine yet.

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Sep 14 8:37pm

I don't see mine either but there are only like 16 up and there were way more people than that. Hoping to see them soon!

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What an awesome show as always!!!

My m&g stil says processing, but my show is this coming Wednesday. Have they already chosen the m&g passes?

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Sep 14 6:45pm

If it says Still Processing, you still have a chance! It will either say "Accepted" or 'Not Accepted". You will get an email either way. Good luck!

Sep 14 7:09pm

Awesome! Thank you!


awesome concert in St Louis last night

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o.k last 1 for today !
Sep 14 10:48am

Awesome pic

Sep 14 1:11pm


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