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I've been hearing rumors that Eric Church is playing at the Talladega race in October. Is this true?


I was in VIP for the Minneapolis and Grand forks concerts. Huge fan of eric and the boot line. Thought the ladies took my email at the Minneapolis concert to order boots. Haven't heard back. I was the only one that got a boot signed at the Minneapolis concert in the VIP lounge. Thought that was pretty neat. Would love to purchase a pair, and or 2 pair, if I could get one with a signature on it! Thanks hope to hear back


I'm a senior citizen but really, really love Eric Church. His music is better than most, if not all, current performers. I also love that he is a good family man; loves his wife, his kids and takes them with him when he tours.


I'd like to offer my apologies to the band, crew, and all involved with putting these shows together. I understand the performance is based on a give and take of energy with the crowd. Unfortunately, over half the crowd was muted in Allentown. I've been attending concerts for 25 years - over 100 shows, ranging from classic rock, classic country, 80's hair metal, and contemporary country. This was the first show where I was actually forced to sit down BY THE LAW. Yes, I was approached by an officer and told to sit down or I'd be removed. I'm surprised I wasn't arrested when I called her a "f***ing joke" to her face (that's damn rock 'n roll, by the way, haha). I was personally responsible for eleven people attending this show. Needless to say, we will never go back to Allentown, even if the Chief is in town. Play Philly, Reading, Wilkes-Barre - hell, you can even play that little bar in Harrisburg from back in '09 and we'll be there, but not Allentown. Sorry again.

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Eric Church is the best country singer! He keeps it rockin' and real...the others have a whole lotta boot left to fil. Great show in Ohio yester...

I am very interested to find out what in the hell happened. Show seemed to be cut way short(lasted about 1 hour 15min.) I was left with my jaw dropped at how abrupt he walked off stage. I don't care for the radio station that put this show on and I have a strong inclination something went array with them.


Sorry this is kind of a late post but here is Eric’s back to school playlist from his Outsiders radio show on 8-28-15 and on demand on Sirius XM’s the highway.
1. Van Halen – Hot for Teacher
2. The Jackson 5 – ABC
3. Joe Walsh – School Days
4. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
5. Nirvana – School
6. The Ramones – Rock N’ Roll High School
7. Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
8. White Stripes – We’re Going to be Friends
9. AC/DC – School Days
10. Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down by the School Yard
11. Jerry Lee Lewis – High School Confidential
12. Pat Green ft. Brad Paisley – College
13. Alice Cooper – School’s Out
This is a prime reason why I love Eric, his music, and what he stands for. He appreciates and is a huge fan of all music; it’s so cool to hear him play some rock music especially a few of my other favorite bands like ACDC, Van Halen & Nirvana. He is such as badass who isn’t afraid to let his idols influence his music and go against the grain in the country music industry unlike most other superstars. I just love picturing people turning on the highway to hear some stupid Luke Bryan and hearing Eddie Van Halen’s epic shredding opening solo on “Hot for Teacher” and being terrified hahahaha. Thanks and keep rock’n Eric.

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The Cheif put on an amazing show last night in Allentown. Personally, all the people that are complaining about the show we're sitting in the grand...

Flew up from GA for concert ! Had general admission (pit) Loved the show EC was great ! crowd was rough if you went out to get a drink or bathroom; my sister wouldnt even try to come back in it was so bad . I was wondering why he only played such a short time . I had a blast love EC and his music.


I agree with the person that said Allentown wasn't ready for Church. This was the first EC concert I did not buy seats. I feel lucky that myself and my husband were able to stand dead center in the pit. We were lucky to be surrounded with good people that would actually hold your standing spot if you had to leave. I am sorry that to learn that the energy in the grandstands wasn't up. We enjoyed all that he did. It was also great to see The Lone Bellows we had missed them in Newark be a use we were at the VIP lounge. Great job Eric and band!!

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This was my 6th show, and this time I brought my little! EC- you singing the songs on her poster and then signing her boot made it one of the best ...

Just when I thought that crowd participation and energy couldn't get any worse than Pittsburgh, Allentown happened. I'd say it was a PA thing, but Philly was awesome, so, it must be a west of Philly thing. Pitiful crowd = pitiful show.


Anyone have a poster from 10/10/2014 show in Buffalo? Will trade for one Cleveland show poster. Or buy it from you...

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I can't wait for this Saturday. Thank you EC HQ for selected me for meet and greet with The Chief!!! Yeehaw. Well worth the trip coming from cen...

We will be seeing Mr. church Saturday for our 6th time in a year and have yet to be picked for a meet and greet !!


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