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This is what I found on my steering wheel this morning. To say my 7 yr. old is excited to go to his first concert (in the pit) is an understatement...

Why do you not allow your fans to buy tickets for friends or family ???

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Feb 18 8:59am

It's their way to help prevent ticket scalping.However after you buys the tickets, I think you might have the option of transferring the ticket. Sometimes it is offer..

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Seen Eric in Birmingham in December, and again in Nashville in January, can't wait to go to the show in Orange beach.
Feb 18 5:49pm

Me too. Birmingham, Nashville, and now looking forward to Orange Beach!

Feb 19 12:04pm

When are tickets for The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL going on sale????!!!!!

Feb 25 8:05am

Yes please answer us!


Has anyone been to a church choir party and if they have do you get to meet eric or what good experiences have you had?

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Feb 18 6:17am

I have! I went to the Church Choir party before the October 25, 2014 show at Mohegan. It was pretty fun! Great food, really interesting things to see, his Luchesse line was on display and for sale. The whole Joint VIP experience was amazing, being that close to him for such an intimate performance... was worth every single cent and then some. "Old Friends, Old Whiskey, Old Songs" is one of the most beautiful acoustic songs I have ever heard in my life! My only complaint would be that there is a long waiting time from the time it starts to when Eric usually goes on, and he was a half hour late so we were all waiting with baited breath haha (I have no patience when I am that excited about something!)

Feb 18 9:08am

Does everyone get to meet eric?

Feb 18 10:19am

The VIP before the show you do not get to meet him. They do a party during CMA fest weekend where they do a meet and greet.

Feb 18 9:16am

the VIP experience does not include a meet and greet, so no you do not get to meet him unless you win a meet and greet

Feb 19 12:14am

Do they do it every year during Cma fest? How long in advance do they let you know when it's going to be that weekend?

Feb 19 8:39am

The fan club party for CMA fest is also picked by a lottery, or at least last year it was. You signed up and they notify you by email if you are selected. Seems like it was about a week for two before that they notified if you were selected.

Feb 19 8:40am

It like the m&g is also only for 1 person


Anyone else having trouble buying presale tickets? I can't select 8, 4, or even 2 seats together in any section but general. It keeps saying there are no adjacent seats available. This is a joke.

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Feb 17 11:56am

I got GA Standing, but after that went back in was able to get 4 seats together in a great section no problem!

Feb 18 6:18am

I had the same issue, the only two seats I could find together were in the nose bleed section, but... I went for it. Saw him once this tour and was 2 feet away from him... so I suppose I can be a little farther away for my 4th Church attendance.

Feb 17 12:05pm

I'm having the same problem:(


Ok so I ordered tickets through presales and the "best seats" that I wanted were standing in front of the stage but those are considered general admission. Do they have a special area for fan club members? My husband and I are super excited to see EC but I was hoping there would be a "pit" area or somewhere closer to stand.

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Feb 17 11:52am

GA Standing should be in the Pit, first come first serve, no special area for Church Choir.

Feb 18 6:19am

Just get there super early! And post up in front. Do not move haha, stock up on drinks and use the bathroom... hope for the best!

Feb 17 12:25pm

Are you referring the Bozeman show? I went to Zac Brown there and there was an area close to the stage for fan members. I am just hoping that area is also available for this show!

Feb 17 12:37pm

Yes Bozeman show, My daughter and I saw him in Sioux Falls in Dec. and there was no special area for fan club members, first come first serve to front of stage needless to she was so excited we got to the venue at 6:00 AM to be first in line. and we were front and center.

Feb 17 1:26pm

Thanks for the info. I guess I better prepare for a camp out :)

Feb 17 1:48pm

Yep, no problem, we will be there bright and early i'm sure if my daughter has anything to say about it.

Feb 17 6:30pm

We are trying to buy reserved tickets for the Bozeman show, we don't want to be in the pit and it is showing the best available in section 212. Does anyone know how to get tickets any lower than that? Thanks!

Feb 17 9:36pm

I've been trying since 10am...if I'm traveling over 300 miles I want some better seats!! Such a bummer.

Feb 18 9:33am

I was having the same problem and I had been trying since 10 am also. I emailed them and still no help. They only have a select few areas they open for presale. They basically told me that if I wanted better seats I had to pay the $200+ for the Chief Care tickets. I will never join another fan club after this. Going to try through the Brick Breeden presale today otherwise I'm sure I can get better seats than the 200 level on Friday when they go on sale to the public.

Feb 18 10:21am

I had no issue getting on an getting a pair of 100 level tickets yesterday as well as floor tickets. Don't hate on the fan club just because you didn't get the exact tickets you were hoping for.

Feb 18 9:50am

Remember the fan club is more then just being able to get pre-sale tickets... it also offers, exclusives to few certain things, no one else can, and also be able to get certain merchandise no body can too, so there are other cool perks besides the pre-sale tickets =)


Looking at the First Niagara Centers' website, this Show scheduled for May 1st is not listed. Other than 2 other shows in June listed on this site there are still no tickets for sale. Is this show really going to happen? If not I need to make plans to go somewhere else.

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Feb 18 10:22am

Just take a deep breath and be patient. Sometimes it takes a little while to hammer out all the details for a show. Nashville took forever to finally be posted as on sale.


Why am I not able to buy tickets as a gift for someone??? ( CREDIT CARD ENTRY) ??? .NOT VERY FAN FREINDLY!!!


I was so Captivated by the first Eric Church The Outsiders CD because the Lyrics are written out so you can enjoy not only listening to the songs but you have absolute clarity to what is being said. I was at the Store yesterday, and I decided to purchase another Outsiders CD just so I'll have a backup plan. Even though its the same thing, its like a kid getting a brand bike. Now I'll have one for the house and the car. Always Grateful for Eric Church's Talent and a gift he shares with his fans. I will continue to listen to Eric Church Music on a daily basis. See ya at the Rodeo in Houston Eric March 3rd!!!
-Love from The Lone Star State, Donna and Kord!!!


I cannot wait for my 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th Eric Church shows!!'


I recently joined the Church Choir and am super excited! I am hoping to get tickets through the fan club member pre-sale but am nervous! Anybody with past experiences (good or bad) using the fan club to get great seats?

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Feb 16 2:18pm

Fan club tickets are always wonderful been doing them for years. Any performer have sat next to the stage or front 8 rows over and over

Feb 16 3:58pm

Love getting tix through FC!. All awesome experiences

Feb 16 8:12pm

My experience was wonderful! Good luck!

Feb 16 9:19pm

Had a little trouble getting into the site the first time, but when I did, I still ended up with awesome seats. Second time was easy. So yes it was good. Any seat to Eric Church is awesome.

Feb 16 9:20pm

Haven't had a bad experience yet, and I just join a few months ago, and no difficult with tickets. But also the fan club is so much more then just being able to get presale tickets, besides that, it pretty cool with other perks :)

Feb 16 9:26pm

Make sure you really get "best available"! I usually have to call TicketMaster and ask for pit...even after I buy just guarantees the Best seats! Good luck.


When do tickets go on sale for this show? Is it still happening??

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Feb 16 9:41am

I am all but convinced that there will not be a show in Buffalo.

Feb 16 9:49am

I was thinking same thing... would have made plans for a different show!

Feb 16 11:20am

Me too. pmrush.

Feb 16 10:31am

If you look under the tour schedule he has buffalo NY for may 1st. Eric church choir usually sends out a email regarding when a commingling presale for the show will be.

Feb 16 11:43am

Of course I know that.... but it seems to be all the other ones have gone on sale except that one. I thought for sure this week. Even Bozeman is going on sale....

Feb 16 11:52am

Sometimes they will not put an onsale date out until all the fine print of the show is taken care of. The show in Nashville was the same way. Be patient.

Feb 16 2:19pm

Show in Bozeman, Mt same thing it will happen just keep watching.

Feb 16 3:56pm

Everyone just have some patience! Yes it is there but they have to get the little details together also! Can't just be announce a date and release tickets. Wish it were that easy. Soon enough Y'all will be able to purchase tix!


Six days

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Feb 16 7:39am

330 is insane! It's totally worth it but just wow


Horrible ticket sales customer service. No help. Only wanted meet and greet for our 6th anniversary. My husband loves eric, as do i and now i can afford the tickets and cant buy them. Wow.

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Feb 15 10:36pm

I hope you are aware that meet and greet for eric church is not something you can buy, if they have it for the show and you are a paid eric church choir member you can enter for it, it is a drawing (contest).

Feb 16 3:58pm

Yeah, Only way to get a M&G is to enter the contest on your profile page. They aren't sold anywhere for eric.


I've grown somewhat fond of hanging out in front of my local store on Record Store Day in anticipation of some sweet Eric Church vinyl... Caught In The Act: Live in 2013 and The Outsiders in 2014. How cool would it be to see a Carolina reissue?

*fingers crossed*

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Feb 18 2:00pm

Agreed - that would be AWESOME!!! Any chance @EricChurchHQ?

Feb 18 5:50pm

Has there ever been an explanation why it is the only one not readily available all the time?


Where do I find out what prices will be for tickets

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Feb 16 11:04am

Usually they are listed on ticketmaster or the venue website once the show is officially announced. This tour has ranged from about $65-90 depending on the venue.

Feb 16 9:18pm

Also for VIP the tickets could cost about $239.00 per person

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This time last year I had the best valentine of my life!!! From the Atlanta show at Buckhead Theatre.
Feb 14 10:09pm

Great pic! Happy Valentine's day!


We love you. Hope you can come to our area. call 276-579-2116. That is our home phone. We are up in the mountains.

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Feb 14 6:42pm

My husband gave me you for Valentine's day! I'm jumping around like a one armed paper maker!

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