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Please Play Faster Than my Angels Can Fly at your ALLENTOWN PA show on SEPTEMBER 4TH..........i'm really hoping somebody in his inner circle sees this n passes this message on to him....ANDDDDD IT'S A RARE PRECIOUS GEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please, begging-I need to be their. Driving my daughter up to college from Long Island and this is only 30 minutes away. This will be the only thing that can make me stop balling!!! Please fellow choir members, I would very much appreciate if you can keep your eyes and ears open. Thank you so much.


Hi! Does anyone who participated in the silent auction last night know how to checkout if you won an item? Thanks!

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Aug 18 2:39pm

Would also like to know. I emailed the address that was texted to me but nothing back. Honestly, it all seems strange since they havent asked for very much information from me at all. Do you just mail a check?

Aug 18 2:47pm

I think it's a little odd too. I did finally get an answer from the email address they text. The woman that wrote me back said that she was traveling today. They want us to fill out a form with our credit card info & email it back to them. I asked if their was another option & she said that she could call me to get the info over the phone. I was expecting something online through a website or something, not just giving my credit card info out via email or phone. Maybe it's just me but that seems a little strange.

Aug 18 3:02pm

I agree to to be honest am not comfortable with that arrangement at all, especially given the higher price item I won. It seems very dodgy at best. I have never posted anything here but is there am official from the fan club that can verify all of this is correct? In previous charity auctions I have been a part of they also provide you with documentation for tax purposes. Sounds like this is very bare bones and make me question the legitimacy. This was a legit charity auction, correct?

Aug 18 3:06pm

That's what I'm wondering also. In previous auctions I have been a part of they want all of your information first before they will even let you bid. It just all seems strange to me.

Aug 18 3:27pm

Agreed. This may have been some sort of scam where they made a fake Eric Church auction to get cc numbers

Aug 18 3:34pm

I emailed the EC webiste and asked if it was legit. What worried me is I cannot find one thing about it on here, which doesnt make much sense. If I had a charity auction it would be on my website. Maybe I just missed it somewhere.

Aug 18 5:48pm

I looked everywhere also & didn't find anything. Please let me know if you hear anything back from them. Thanks!

Aug 18 5:48pm

This was a legitimate charity auction. We do not list it on the website and only email it out to Church Choir members. I have forwarded your comments and feedback to the organizers so that we can refine the process. If you have further questions please email us at Thanks for your support!

Aug 18 8:14pm

Thank you! I am still not comfortable just giving my number over the phone to someone or sending an email of my credit card. If this means I lose my item then I guess that will have to be the case. Hopefully you guys can get some good stuff going down at the organizer to make sure this is run the correct way. I also have still not heard from anyone besides the fan club regarding the auction. It just seems this thing was just not ready to go live with an auction. I will give it a few days but after that I will prob let the item go. Thanks again for the help and please keep us updated!

Aug 18 5:53pm

Great! Thank you for your response!


I would love to see an acoustic EP with Eric's Alzheimer's song, "Standing their ground" and the 3 year old song. This would be a great addition to my Eric Church collection.


Please Play Faster Than My Angels Can Fly at your ALLENTOWN PA show on SEPTEMBER 4TH.............I think you know just how much I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SONG... i think you might have an inkling...ANDDDDD IT'S A RARE PRECIOUS GEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just looking to see if anyone might have a couple of fair tickets available at a somewhat reasonable price. I want to get decent seats but the decent seats have been gone for quite some time and the people on stubhub want ridiculous prices. If anybody comes into a couple of extra tickets let me know :)

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Aug 18 2:04pm

I had 2 in section X12 but they are spoken for atm but if they become available I'll let you know

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First of all my idol is Merle Haggard. I never listened to your music until my wife wanted me to. I play guitar and sing but the words to a song...

Where is the link???!
Been waiting for a message or response to text and nothing.....really want to participate!

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Aug 17 3:09pm


Aug 17 3:23pm

I can't respond from Canada....And during CMA week we get ALL the texts

Aug 17 4:48pm

The auction is being done on, but you have to access it on your phone via the personalized link they send via text. If you are still not getting your text, there # is 800-438-6498, though I am not sure if they'll be able to help or not. Auction ends at 8 PM EST. Good luck!

Aug 17 5:35pm

thank you! I suspect that this has to do with being in Canada though I see nothing that sets stipulations. Tried the number you listed (thanks for that) but just got voice mail.....

Aug 17 5:41pm

Just checked their Help file - it's got to do with cellular carriers......totally sucks! Thanks for the assist fredadams!

Aug 17 8:27pm

Where you ever able to get on? Or are we just screwed cause we live in Canada?


Please play Faster than my Angels Can Fly at your Allentown PA show on Sept. 4th....JUST BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!!! ....and it's a RARE PRECIOUS GEM!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Scored one today for 62$... Couldn't be happier

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Aug 17 1:10pm

Four copies available on ebay for $49.. Good luck..

Aug 17 8:26pm

Just got mine. Super stoked to finish the collection. I've been looking for years. Finally got a chance to pull the trigger on one less than scalper price!


I am going to see Vince Gill this Thursday, Aug. 20th at the Berrien County Youth Fair in Berrien Springs, Michigan. This would be an awesome opportunity for Eric Church to drop in as a surprise guest on his way to Detroit!!! YES! It is right on the way. My Eric Church addiction started at this vey same county fair in 2010. I like Vinice Gill but he is no EC. Think about it. What a great night it would be for all your Michigan fans. I will even buy you a Corn Dog!


PLEASE play Faster than my Angels Can Fly at your Allentown, PA show on September 4th........This song doesn't get nearly the respect that it deserves....I need to hear this one LIVE!!!!....Anddddddd it's a RARE PRECIOUS GEM!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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One of several pics I took from my Ultra VIP spot at CCMF in Myrtle Beach on 6-6-15. 😍
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This is the second one she had mad for our anniversary.
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Meant to post this a while back, my girlfriend had this and one other Eric church show poster custom and reimagined a little for our anniversary.

After seeing Eric Church in Nashville at Ascend would SO COOL to have an acoustic album, preferably a LIVE recording instead of a studio recording, to listen to on the go in the car! Also, the black & white video images would be really cool to see on an ACOUSTIC DVD. I really could see myself listening to an Eric Church acoustic album all the time!
Something for the Eric Church team to think about...I bet it would be a HUGE success with all the CHURCH CHOIR!

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Aug 16 11:08am

I agree. I'm hoping all the filming from both Nashville shows would be put to a dvd. But I also wished that with the tivoli live album

Aug 16 4:08pm

It is a great idea and nice to hear Eric and band unplugged.


Driving to work this morning (CD player busted, cant listen to Church) the radio station plays Drink in My Hand!!! After the song they say this "Eric Church still busy on tour and taking care of the family. With all that going we still may see a new album by end of 2015! Made my morning, day, week, month! Give it to us Eric! We are ready!

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Aug 17 3:15pm


Aug 19 11:20am

I would be shocked if that were true. But elated nonetheless. I assume a live or unreleased album before a new creation.


how can I go about registering for the meet in greet on 3/20/16 at runaway country...I have my reserved sets already.....ty

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Aug 13 1:05pm

My guess is that won't come up until closer to the date, I'm going to both the Allentown pa and thornville Ohio shows and the meet n greets didn't come up till about a month or two ago. Alls you gatta do to register when it comes up is go to the current events under the tour category n select meet n greet and boom you're registered

Aug 18 5:57pm

Thats right. We will list them closer to time.

Aug 14 8:44am

I also would like to do the meet and greet for Runaway Country. I have the stage seats and have been going to Runaway Country for the past 4 years. It is a blast. Cannot wait.

Aug 14 9:52am

awesome.......he is incredible live,we have row 16 seats near the runway !!!!!!!!!! its going to be a BLAST .....

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