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I do not listen to today's music. I have all my old stuff (mostly, pre 90's) on a jump drive and that's all I'd listen to. I drive a truck, so we're talking 12-14 hours a day. My jump was in my purse when stolen. Forced to listen to the radio for a few days til I had time to make a new jump. Hated most of it, found a couple songs that were ok.....then "sinners like me" came on.WOW, what an incredible voice. Within days I bought all 5 albums. Now 8-10 of those 12-14 hours is strictly my Eric Church playlist. The miles fly by, sometimes I don't sing, I just listen to that voice. No matter the song, that voice comes through. Not since Alabama hit Nashville, has Nashville been so lucky. And're pushing Alabama out of their 30 plus year spot at number 2. Only Elvis is better. You have filled the boot more than you know. I know I'm tough to please when it comes to music, I believe you gotta be able to actually sing......very, very few could get by with what you do and sit with just a guitar and sing.....and sound just as damn good as a studio cut. You are my Christmas tickets early for Vegas, I'll be up front on January 17th. Can't wait!!!

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Nov 23 5:13pm

This is a great write up. After you see him in person, you must come back here and comment. What you hear is what you also see. He feels, shows it, shares it and spreads his love for the music. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the show.

Nov 24 1:21pm

I've always said there is a Eric Church song for any mood that someone could be in. He's an amazing artist and songwriter, and an even better live performer! You'll have a blast!


Really enjoyed seeing Eric and the band for the 6th time tonight. Disappointed there were no encores. Can' t wait till I get to see him the next time. Keep doing what you do Eric. Please bring the show back to Fort Wayne.


Eric's music is so versatile, inspirational, stimulating, creative, and relatable. Eric's lyrics impact your heart and soul like 2 meteorites colliding. I'm a true testimony as a fan of country music, if you hold out long enough, a creative genius like Eric Church will prevail. He's a working man and woman's type of artist. Eric's ability to write and deliver his performances are unlike any other artist in the industry. Eric's music is genuine and meaningful. From a man who plays music in a garage in his video, or are onstage in a mega arena, Eric connects with people. He reconnected me to country music, and I adore you and love you and your band for that.
-Love from Houston Texas, Sincerely Donna and Kord

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Nov 23 5:13pm


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Rocked that is Eric with my wife's poster and boot! thanks Eric Church Band Halestorm Dwight Yocum all The small People in the background that work...
Nov 22 8:50pm

That's AWESOME!! WOW! That must have been some night!

Nov 23 11:53am

Awesome, congrats to your wife:-)


I bought tickets during the presale. I'm in section 117, row 18C. What does the C mean?

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Keeps getting better! my mind is blown we were first and second row since I am taller than my wife. Front center of stage got two halestorm pics to...

Do Church Choir members do anything together on show days or at events? New to this

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Nov 21 10:49pm

I'm taking my 61 year old mom to the KC show. She's crazy about Eric Church. She keeps asking if I can sign her up for Eric Church's special group that he picks at every show to come down front. What is she talking about? And is it a safe enough pit environment for her to be in?


Not to happy that the seating chart that was put up for the pre-sale and is still up on Ticketmaster shows the first row of section 109 as being row F, but if you use the pick my seat view that is now up it shows that row F is the 14th row in section 109. I bought tickets in row G thinking that they were second row, but they are actually the 15th row!!! I don't see how you can sell tickets based on two different seating charts.

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Nov 22 12:38pm

Yes I was wondering the same thing emailed fan club told me to check with venue, called Bridgestone told me to check with ticketmaster, was told row f was the front although I did a search for tix after I found all this out and it was giving me tix for row a of the section right beside me. I purchased row F thinking first row I was told some of the sections rows may be blocked off. But ticketmaster shows the rows being like f-l


I love this song and I understand it is just a video, but why didn't you film it at Talladega in Alabama? Nashville Speedway….what?

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Nov 22 2:41pm

Because he simply said it wasn't about racing. So why is the venue so important? Song is about real life and real people and great times.

Nov 23 3:16pm

Agree just listen to the words. When my youngest son heard that song he was wild. Talladega was the last place him and his brother went before the oldest went to Iraq. Memories and family is the most important thing in all of the Chiefs songs. LOVE LOVE LOVE him for it and this world needs more people like him.


Totally awesome guys!!! Video is goina be bad ass! Let's us know when it comes out!


Awesome I Love It!! <3 :) Can't wait to the rest of it!!

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Nov 21 2:47pm

Eric Church, you are a genuine, sincere, honest, wonderful man...Thank-you for proving me right..... I always knew that about you..............ERIC CHURCH!!!!!:)

Nov 21 4:30pm

ERIC CHURCH!!!!!!!!!)


July 11th can not come quick enough. Eric Church, Chase Rice, Kenny! It is going to be one Hell of a concert. Traveling from Maryland to see this one. Any good hotels in the area?

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Nov 21 4:17pm

There aren't any hotels in the stadium area. Best bet is center city or by the airport. CC has some nice high end hotels like the Ritz, The Rittenhouse, Four Seasons. There is a big Marriot in CC and at the airport. What are you looking for? The forums on Tripadvisor should have a ton of info.

Nov 21 5:16pm

There is actually a Holiday Inn right in the stadium parking lots that people like to stay at. Next best option for sure is center city where you can hop on the subway right to the stadium.

Nov 21 9:53pm

I'll be going to it and can help you get around if you have questions, the guys above pretty much said it.

Nov 22 6:13am

Thank you.. I'm considering checking out the Marriott near the airport. Need to see if they have a shuttle. Plan on leaving my vehicle there so I can get my drink on, lol...

Nov 22 2:43pm

Don't stay in Philly unless you have a lot of coin. Come across the Walt Whitman Bridge into Jersey and get a nice Hotel there. Only 15 minutes from the venue

Nov 22 7:55pm

Great, thank you!

Nov 23 2:42am

I'm a Jersey native and will be at the July 11th show as well. I spend more time in the NYC area than Philly, but I would not recommend staying on the Jersey side. Camden is in that general direction and I wouldn't recommend that anyone spend the night anywhere remotely close to Camden. Spend the extra coin and stay away from Camden, just my 2 cents.

Nov 23 6:23pm

Thank you ⏫😄

Nov 23 6:49pm

We just saw Eric there last month. Stayed at airport merriot. Very convenient to show but pricey and they surprise you with $20 parking fee.

Nov 24 1:12pm

I go to a lot of shows in Philly. Closest option is the Holiday Inn but the price per night will run you over $400 with taxes. There's also a Courtyard by Marriott in the Navy Yard (walking distance to the stadium) that's going around $200 for the night. Other than that your best bets in PA is around the airport (and about a $25 taxi ride both ways) or somewhere downtown where you can cab or use the subway (Broad Street Line). I'm giving the Courtyard at the Navy Yard a shot.

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Nov 22 10:57am

Awesome concert Eric Church is awesome

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Check out Eric and the band as they shoot the music video for Talladega. This is an exclusive for Church Choir members only! Watch here: http://eri...
Nov 21 12:45pm

Can't wait to see the video!

Nov 21 1:10pm

Can't wait to see the entire video!

Nov 21 1:23pm

Can't wait to see the video and sing along with you again in Indianapolis in May!!

Nov 21 1:56pm


Nov 21 1:59pm

Can't wait to see the video! One of my FAVORiTE tracks on the Outsiders......was AWESOME live in Ottawa!

Nov 21 3:09pm

So excited! My favorite song!!!

Nov 21 11:19pm

It looks good! But I'm not picky as I love all things EC!

Nov 22 6:56am

Love it! Can't wait to see the whole video! Awesome as always EC!!!

Nov 24 1:25pm

Awesome! To bad he couldn't get his buddy Kahne there again like the drink video!


Just tried to purchase tickets for the Nashville show....Would not let me do the code I used for my Memphis tickets still good or do I need a new one?

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Nov 21 11:50am

I think the fan club presale ended yesterday at 5pm, the tix went on sale to the public today

Nov 21 4:26pm

there are pitt tickets availabkle right now on ticketmaster.

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