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Thanks to Nick at Church support for fixing my membership status! Very quick and helpful! Great to be able to see the video from the Church choir party!


Thanks for singing "His Kind of Money"; it's one of my favorites. Love the Church Choir Party 2015 video; it puts a smile on my face to see it and remember that awesome day.


I sent a letter 2 days ago to his fan mail address does anybody know how long it would be till or if I got a response back?

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Jun 24 11:08am

where did you send it to?

Jun 24 1:06pm

Email or snail mail?

Jun 24 10:04pm

I sent it to a address

Jun 24 10:05pm

Eric Church Q-Prime South 131 South 11th Street Nashville, TN 37206 USA

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Early Church on Saturday – ‘Lightning’ strikes! [MUSIC, VIDEO & more] |

I needed to come up with a weekly feature so I came up with this.

WEEK #7 of my weekly web feature detailing the early years of Eric Church.

My message to the unknowing is: "Let me be your weekly guide to NEW MUSIC that
really isn’t new, but just plain & simply, kicks ass"! -Steve Richards ~ KWWK

This week, it’s ‘Lightning’, track 8 from ‘Sinners’ (‘Sinners Like Me’)

Early Church on Saturday – ‘Lightning’ strikes! [MUSIC, VIDEO & more] >>> |


Thank you for the Choir Party video! It brought back the day at the Cordell which was absolutely amazing! Still can't believe that I met Eric and a bunch of EC fans just like me!! Thank you to all who made that possible! It is something this girl will never forget plus I bought plenty of T-shirts there to remind me. :0)

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Jun 24 11:09am

I'm so jealous! Maybe next year........


My new favorite song! The party was SO AWESOME!!


Everyone loves Eric! Check this out:


I'm heartbroke I drove 7 and a half hrs to see him, had a loss in the family so I had to turn around and drive back, not seeing the most amazing, great, heartfelt, gorgeous guy in the world! Praying I get picked again! Donate the shirt I bought to someone who can't afford one if possible. I burn your store up and buy stuff constant. Be good to give to someone that can't buy one. Please choose me next time. I've lost from my husband, paw paw, & Daddy all in the last 5 yrs. Your music helps save me! Love you so much Eric Church and all u stand for!

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Jun 24 1:16pm

Pam so sorry to hear! Always a tough time. We just put your t-shirt and special gift in the mail to you, headed to your NC address. Hope it brings you some joy.

Jun 25 10:30am

You all are truly amazing! Thank you so much! I will wear it with pride as I do all my Church stuff! Hope to see yall soon.

Jun 29 5:59pm

I got my stuff today! So excited yall are absolutely amazing! It took a hard time for us and made everybody smile! That is priceless!! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts!!


My husband loves you! However with 2 babies (less than a year apart) we can't afford much extras. He deployed after our girl was 2 days old. He is currently still serving in Kuwait. He should be home for Christmas. If you are doing any shows near Louisiana in 2016, would you consider sending us tickets? I know you have gone there and performed before. Thank you for your consideration and support of our military!

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Jun 24 8:14am

Aimee, I would like to help you and your soldier get those tickets. I have seen Eric 10 times and will see him 2 more times yet this summer. If Eric's is in your area I will purchase those tickets for you. if Eric HQ can help facilitate this I would appreciate it. Thank your soldier for his service. Deb

Jun 24 1:17pm

Not sure when we will be back in that area in 2016, if at all. Very kind of you.

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Well worth staying up late at Ryman with Eric as the special guest. We had bought our tickets some time ago and when announced Eric Church was goin...
Jun 24 4:10pm

I loved every second of it, as you said well worth the wait!!!


I was talking with some of the folks at the Fan Club Party and I was wondering, how do you add kids to your account?? To sign them up for their own they have to be at least 13, but I can't find another option to add them. My 4 year old walks around the house singing Church songs quite often, so if I could add him that would be great. People at the party said the kids that were there had their own account, but none of them were over 13 haha. How do I do this?! Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!!!!

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Jun 24 1:18pm

Not sure about the kids there under 13 with their own account. They would have had to sign them up and fib a little on the age. I'm not suggesting that. Because of federal COPPA law we cannot have users that are under 13.

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EricChurchHQ up here:
Jun 23 11:54am

Great clip, wish I were there.... If anyone knows the lady that is wearing a light blue halter like top on with a canon camera in her hand, shoulder length light brown hair, singing away (perhaps you are a church choir member), we stood in line for a couple of hours at the E.C. show at Newark Pru Center and at Boardwalk Hall, AC, New Jersey. Small world!

Jun 24 7:24am

Hey, That would be me Linda, was so excited to see this. Can't wait till the next show 7/11!!!

Jun 23 11:55am

Well done EricChurchHQ!!! Thank you again for everything!

Jun 23 12:00pm

This was such an awesome experience with such a great group of people! The Choir are so friendly and the people that made this all come together! Thank you ERIC for this great acoustic performance and making us all feel so close to you!! The autographed Jack Daniel's mini Barrel is so cool!! :-)

Jun 23 12:38pm

Thanks for this video!

Jun 23 12:40pm

Very fun time indeed! It'd be awesome if there could be more than one a year but I understand costs probably play a roll. So glad I finally got to meet Eric! and in Nashville! Thanks again! =D

Jun 23 1:00pm

Eric , you ROCK!!!! Great clip, wish I could have been there 😦

Jun 23 2:37pm

I see the back of my head lol

Jun 23 5:54pm

This is so great! I wish I could make it next year. Is there definately going to be another Fan Club Party next year during CMA Fest? Already looking into travel plans to go, if I am one of the lucky ones selected.

Jun 23 7:00pm

Oh, you lucky LUCKY Choir members - that's an amazing sized space for this kind of event & how completely cool! It's on my bucket list, but until then, I'll have to settle for opening night of the Ascend Amphitheater 7/30.

Jun 24 8:47am

@debreeze... so it is you LOL. We can't wait till 7/11. Where are you for the show? We bought seamless tix with pit.

Jun 24 4:12pm

In the pit also!!! We will definitely meet up!!!

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The best concert ever. So worth the 6-7 hour wait in the hot sun.
Jun 24 10:06pm

couldn't agree more!!!

Jun 26 1:05pm

It was a great concert in Marion. Thank you EC for a fabulous show! The sun was hot and the mud was deep, but I for one had a blast!


I have 2 section10 tickets looking to trade for 2 pit tickets


I have two pit tickets for the Thursday night Nashville Ascend Amphitheatre show... They were purchased through ticketmaster but with my fan club pre-sale. Does anyone know if I'm able to sell these tickets?? Im not sure that we will be able to make it for the show and I wanted to find out if I'd be able to sell my tickets just in case

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Jun 23 9:03pm

I would buy them if you are able to transfer or sell. I have 4 lawn and only 2 can go. Let me know what you find out.

Jun 28 3:16pm

I would be interested as well. Not sure if you can transfer them or not but if so feel free to get in contact with me! is my email.


Eric Church is now and will always be my favorite Musical recording artist of all time. Nobody can surpass him. Hope he continues his God Given Talent and Success!!!

Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


Found some awesome video footage of the 2015 Church Choir Fan Club Party @ CMA Fest on YouTube thanks to Taylor Hendrix’s page. Everything Eric writes is amazing so check out and listen to some great new tunes from the Chief.
*Indicates new or unreleased song
His Kind of Money:
Old Friends, Old Whiskey, Old Songs:
*Whatever That Was: (this song is incredible hope he & the boys cut this for the next release)
*Lost in Neverland:
*Good For That:

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Jun 23 12:36pm

I sure hope the new ones make it on the next album. Good For That is already my favorite! And Whatever That Was should be quite nice with the whole band!

Jun 23 12:40pm

'Whatever that was' is now a top 5 Eric Church song for me. Really want to hear that song cut!

Jun 23 10:33pm

Whatever that was has a Seger feel to it.. Great song!

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