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does anyone know what the website is we can go vote for Eric for best fans award??

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Mar 2 2:36pm

Mar 2 10:39pm

Let's win this one!!! You know we are def the best fan base :)

Mar 3 9:38am

You can vote 50 times a day! Let's show him how much we love him!

Mar 3 12:15pm

Yes we are the best fan base!!! I will be putting my 50 votes in everyday!!!!


June 12th for the wharf when they go on sale

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Mar 2 12:08pm

This Friday! Presale is tomorrow !!

Mar 2 12:38pm

Where do you purchase the presale tickets?

Mar 2 1:36pm

Thank you


Oh my gosh I got a meet and greet for Austin on Wednesday!! So excited but it's just me and my 12 year old daughter attending! Will they let me bring her back with me for the meet and greet? Not sure how comfortable I would be leaving her alone!! Please help

So excited

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Mar 2 10:40pm

Congrats on the win!! I hope they will let you bring your kid back there, hopefully just bend the rule a little on that one, I sure would understand :)


Looking forward to the concert in less than a month. Wonder if you guys ever check out or utilize local talent at the beginning of your shows? Saw a fantastic band this weekend who won our "One Spark" event last year. Cutting edge with a dark twist bluegrass country: Grandpa's Cough Medicine. Really talented players on the guitar, banjo and double-bass.


Can we get clarification on the Orange Beach date at the wharf? Everywhere says Friday June 12th EXCEPT the Facebook post. ..which says Thursday June 11th? This is vital to my hotel booking.

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Mar 2 11:30am

I see the Facebook post was edited to say Friday now. Thank you!


hey there peeps hoping somebody on here can help make this concert extra special for my girlfriend, i am in a paralyzed in a wheelchair and they never have seat real close, they have decent seats but never where you feel like your rt in the concert......i am dating a girl for a awhile now who never sees me in a wheelchair and i would love to give her a normal concert experience up close like she used to if there is somebody out there that might be able to help it would be much appreciated....


I am a 61 yr. old woman & Eric Church is the Cat's Pajamas. The Joint is one of my favorite songs


So I created a playlist that I think Eric Church fans will love. Rock flavored country, and some country flavored rock. Basically kick ass "outsiders" country. I am still looking for more songs, artists to add to it so let me know if you have any suggestions (no ballads, no Luke Bryan). Feel free to "follow" it too. Enjoy!

Here it is:


I'm from Morehead City, NC also, and love listening to & watching you. You make us NC Rednecks so proud. Keep it up.
Love you, Eric Church.


Eric Church is THE MAN!!! For 2 straight weeks, Eric's Talladega has been #1 on Both GAC's HOT 20 and CMT's Top 20 Countdown. This is just one of the many steps and milestones Eric Church has gotten passed and accomplished on his way to Country Super Stardom. Soon, everyone will know who Eric Church is and love his music just as much as we do (My son and I). Good Luck on your New Single: Like A Wrecking Ball. We know that one will go #1 as well.
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!
P.S. See you at The Rodeo March 3rd!!!

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Mar 1 8:32pm

So excited 48 hours left till the show don't think I'll sleep.


Hey Fan Club I have a Pit ticket for the DC show that I need to sell. I prefer a Fan Club member to buy it. If interested please email me at

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Mar 2 10:47am

I forgot to mention that I will sell this AT COST to a fan club member!!!!


Yea just got tickets for raleigh nc show.

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Mar 1 7:07pm

Great Birthday Gift, lucky guy!


I don't seem to be getting any email update alerts anymore. I don't want to miss anything!! Is anyone else having this problem?

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Feb 28 6:00pm

No problems, just hasn't been many updates happening yet, when there are, they will send out the emails :)

Mar 1 7:35am

I didn't get the presale email so I missed it. Do not want to miss the meet n greet notification WHEN i win it 😉

Mar 1 10:09am

I think presale emails are going regional now. I didn't get one for Bozeman because I live in the Midwest. Meet and greets come regardless of where you live.


Does anyone know what time the doors open on March 10th in DC for his show??? I can't seem to find it anywhere

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Feb 28 11:33am

Usually about an hour or hour and a half before the show doors open. We will have a group at Greene turtle hanging out till doors open

Mar 1 9:48am

ooo good to know about the Greene Turtle...see you there! I think I joined the choir too late for any meet and greets they may have offered tho :(

Feb 28 12:30pm

Venue website says 6:30.

Mar 2 10:42pm

If the button still there under the tour tab by the concert date for meet and greet you can still enter :)


So I have a dilemma. I have tickets for EC April 23rd and 24th and Alan Jackson/Jon Pardi/Brandy Clark on the 25th. The problem is they moved Alan Jackson to the 23rd (without notifying ticketholders so I'm already upset enough about that) so now I have to choose! I have Pit tickets to Alan Jackson and decent enough but not great seats to Eric. And Jon Pardi is my 2nd in line after eric, and who knows when alan will tour again this close to me...but it's eric :( What would you guys do?

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Feb 28 12:13pm

You said you have tickets for the Chief 23 & 24. Is it possible to go see Alan on the 23rd and Eric on the 24th?

Feb 28 6:01pm

You gotta see Eric!! His show is amazing!! Even if you don't have the best seats, but then again I saw choose the one you wanna see the most :)

Mar 1 8:18am

I will be seeing eric on the 24th no matter what! So it'd be alan thursday and eric friday. This would also be my 3rd (and 4th, if i choose him) time seeing eric on this tour if that makes a difference (not really) haha.

Mar 1 3:29pm

Anybody that passes up EC is really missing the best show ever. He is the king and rules

Mar 1 7:11pm


Mar 1 8:21pm

i totally agree with you, but i'm not "passing him up" considering it would be my 4th time seeing him and I'm seeing him the next day. He's definitely the best but there's a lot that's going into this decision

Mar 1 3:38pm

I have the same problem with Alan Jackson on the 23rd. I have tickets for the Marshall Tucker Band. I would go see Alan. BUt I doubt I can sell the MTB!!!

Mar 1 3:57pm

So annoying! And where is MTB? I assume youre near roanoke if youve got the same tickets to Alan?

Mar 2 2:36pm

they shouldn't change dates like that... what a pain.. I feel for ya.. whos tickets are easier to sell? then go see Eric again and maybe the seats would be better.


Eric, You say we can request songs for our shows.. I will be seeing you MARCH 10th in DC.. Do you think you could please play "Good For That" at the show? That would be amazing. The song is amazing!

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Feb 28 12:17pm

How about Roller Coaster Ride? Was hoping to hear it in Tulsa back in Nov. It's really a great song! Going to Austin on Wed. Please and Thank you!


Only 4 more days till Austin! It would be fantastic to win the meet and greet. Meeting Eric Church is definitely at the top of my "Bucket List". He is my #1


loved the outsiders radio and all of eric's song choices can't wait for next months edition
below is a link of the unreleased outsiders song good for that

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Feb 28 1:04am

I loved the track as well! I really loved that Anders Osborne track Had my reasons he played. Kicked my ass.

Feb 28 8:10am

Amazing track!

Feb 28 10:26am

I tried to listen to the show on demand and apparantly it wont be on sirius on demand internet radio till after monday! So upset

Feb 28 10:46am

Same here completely lost track of time last night caught the last song he played. Excited for Monday though! Listen to the show then see him at the Houston Rodeo!

Feb 28 10:31am

Thanks for posting. I missed the show

Feb 28 5:56pm

here is the whole list of songs eric played on the outsiders radio 1. good for that- unreleased outsiders track 2. had my reasons- anders osbourne 3. let the good times roll- jd mcpherson 4. rum- brothers osbourne 5. fast as you- dwight yoakam 6. hungover- brandy clark 7. act 1 ronnie and neil- drive by truckers 8. hey jude- wilson pickett 9. night moves- bob segar 10. here's to us - halestorm 11. wrote a song for evreyone- mavis staples 12. live allman bros track 13. the outsiders- extended otusiders vinyl edition

Feb 28 6:02pm

Thank you for sharing the song! That def is a good song from him, I hope he does release it so I can download it on my iTunes :)

Mar 1 7:38am

Great song, hope it is available for download soon!

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