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Is there a specific promo code for the Choir pre-sale tomorrow for Nashville?

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May 4 11:49am

It's through ticket master sowhen you sign into your church choir account on here, there should be a tab that says "promo code" that you will use on the ticket master page when you go to buy them. Hope this helps!


I am having a ticket emergency! I bought tickets to see Eric on Thursday with my husband and today I received a seating chart that shows we are behind the stage. Ticket Master will not let me upgrade my tickets at this point. What can I do?

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May 4 12:41pm

So sorry to hear that but he does have a 360 stage and a 4 point screen so if u can't get different tickets I wouldn't stress too much you'll still get the full effect of the Chiefs awesomeness. Have fun it's an incredible show :)

May 4 6:16pm

Those aren't bad seats! You are here:


How many days before the show do they usually notify you telling whether or not you've been selected for a meet and greet? Columbia, MO bound Friday for my 4th EC show!

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May 4 9:37am

Usually a couple days before.


Stopping bye to say a few things...... First off...... You Rocked the Socks off of New Jersey last night.........AWESOME CONCERT!!!!!!! Next......... Happy Birthday ERIC CHURCH.....Hope your day was filled with Rest and Relaxation with your family..... And last but not least wanted to let you know Imade a Donation to Chief Cares in honor of your Birthday and what your Music has meant to my life these past years....... You are The Best..... Sitting In A League Of Your Own..... Keep doing exactly what your doing...... Your Fans Love You.....and in honor of your Birthday I would love to proudly give you my Signature Shout Out.........ERIC CHURCH!!!!!!!!!:)

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May 3 7:49pm



I have 4 tickets I can't use to Eric's show on 5/9 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Seats are section B, Row 14. Cost is FACE VALUE.

Contact me if you are interested.

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May 3 7:45pm

Are they transferable through Ticketmaster?

May 3 7:47pm

No, they are fan club tickets bought though crowd surge and are hard tickets. We could meet Saturday or I can mail them

May 4 10:37am

How much?

May 4 10:45am

$190 per ticket, which is what I paid with fees.


In honor of your Birthday today, I made a donation to your Chief Cares Foundation. A lot of us from the Church Choir have done this for your birthday.....our idea to help Raise 'Em Up!!!! Happy Birthday Chief!!!!! And many more :)


TD Garden, Boston, MA an experience to last a lifetime. February 2015 I buy “Best Available” tickets at the presale. April 29th I decided to look to see where my seats are and find out my GA tickets mean we have to stand. Have diabetic neuropathy in feet and can’t stand. Call Ticketmaster they can’t help but call TD garden for me. They call back; only seats available are upper balcony. I remember Boston Garden from Stones concert in 1971 and balcony only a few steps from elevator. Stress out for 2 hr drive into Boston. Get there really early. Notice immediately that Garden not what it was. Make it to balcony area but cannot make the steep steps to seats which are very top row. Sit in someone else’s seat until they arrive and usher nicely tells us we can’t stay in the area. Stress now higher than our seats. Decide we can’t stay and begin trek out. Make it to loge area when blood sugar bottoms out. Stumble into Guest Services (and thank whatever force put that room in my path). They give me a chair, call EMTs, and get me an OJ. EMTs do their thing, suggest hospital, accept refusal. Usher from before and guest services surprise us and set up 3 folding chairs in the aisle of the loge. Settle in just as Eric takes the stage. 4 songs in and stress has leveled out. I had so much fun! I can’t remember being this excited. The concert was just awesome. Now that I am older and poorer I know (and knew when I bought the tickets) that this was very likely the last concert I will attend in this life and it was spectacular! I will truly replay this in my mind for the rest of my life. This day was my Talladega.


I want to wish you a big Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great one!!!


Wishing you a wonderful 38th birthday Eric! Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. You and you're music give me so much strength and drive to be a better person and for that I cant thank you enough. I left you a little present for Chief Cares too ;) Much love and respect to you, the band, Katherine and the boys!


Mr. Church, I admire you because average and ordinary don't exist in your world. You have earned your success through hard work, dedication, tenacity, uncompromising integrity and amazing, seemingly boundless talent. My grown children refer to me as "Eric Church's Senior Groupie" and I own that nickname proudly. In honor of your birthday I made a donation to "Chief Cares".


Happy birthday Eric!!! Hope you have an amazing day! <3


Will there be Meet&Greet opportunities at The Wharf June 12th?

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May 3 7:33pm

When you go to the tour tab, and that venue date, it would say if there is a meet and greet. It doesn't, so no. But make sure you RSVP on the tab at the top right that you are going. It just gives them the heads up you will be there and I'm sure it's nice for them to know that people from the church choir will be there. :)

May 3 7:49pm

Yeah but none of the new dates do. They don't open the meet & greet applications up immediately. Just hopeful.

May 4 9:53am

Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Hopefully there will be one and you get selected. :)


Wishing you only the best! Thanks for sharing your greatness with us!

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May 3 8:54am

#chiefsday #alotofbootlefttofill


I've seen many Church shows and who knew the one in my own backyard would be the best by far?!?! I finally heard Chevy Van!!!!!!! Kudos to Eric & crew for putting on one helluva kick ass show that I won't soon be forgetting. And Happy Birthday!!

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May 3 11:13am

Oh... that's awesome!!! Definitely one of my favorite songs he does! You are lucky to have heard it live... I will see him next week in Indy... Can't wait!


Happy birthday Eric!


AWESOME CONCERT at the Prudential Center tonight!! You rocked the place and gained two new fans! Happy 38th Birthday EC! See u in Nashville!

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May 3 1:20am

He took my Curtis Lowe sign. lmao

May 3 7:51am

You got him to play Curtis Lowe!!! Awesome, sir. Thank you!!

May 3 8:44am

I had a Curtis Lowe sign in March and he took on stage and sung it but never gave it back!! So at the end of the show we were screaming at people on stage and finally a women gave it to me lol

May 3 5:54am

OMG! what a show last night!!!! Can't wait till July 11th when I get to see him again. It just NEVER gets old. Happy Birthday Eric!


Looking at my bank account-Between the tickets for July 30th, my husband's church choir membership, our donations, and if we are able to get tickets for july 31st show- I'm starting to feel like I may have a problem :)

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May 3 7:22am

It's the best problem to have!

May 3 9:33am

My bank account feels that same pain! The Chief is my only addiction and I have no plans to ever kick my habit ;-)

May 3 3:03pm

Amen! :)


Rec this email; on website to get info. don't see anything. plz help

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May 3 7:38pm

ECHQ said in a previous post there will me more info to come.

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