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My 10th show in various states and my home town brought the house down. Best show thus far.


Anyone have a picture of the Talladega men and Wrecking Ball women boots?? Purchased a pair of each and cannot for the life of me remember what they look like!!


I sure hope he sings "Sinners like Me" at this concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is our favorite song he sings


I hope there are plans down the road for the release of additional live tracks. Everything that is played from The Outsiders sounds great live


Your song choked me up because my nephew was that song! 24 years old with his lifetime girlfriend of 9 years and an almost 1 year old baby girl he had his whole life! He was crazy, fixed and crashed cars for fun, drove his duramax like he owned it and drank a lot of Pilsner beer! He was killed tragically in a crash where he wasn't driving. He died in twisted metal and broken glass in a very fast truck rollover. This song made me wish he had your ending and I keep listening to it thinking this shouldve been him. Thank you for writing the proper ending to a life I wish he had. I shared it with his girlfriend whom to this day almost two years later will not let him go and misses him terribly. My husband and I will be in the pit in Saskatoon cheering you on and I look forward to every second! I wish Taylor, his gf, could be with us. And I hope to hear this song! Once again I thank you!


Last time he was in winnipeg I made a pair of pants with all his lyrics now I gotta add his outsiders album lyrics !!


Eric Church support, I just tried to purchase 2 tickets for the Lincoln, NE concert. I could choose the location and click the buy tickets now button, then I typed in the message and then after the next page it would say "we apologize but we are experiencing errors." Could you please help and/or make suggestions as to what I can do? Thanks, S.R. Kurtz

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Mar 30 8:53am

I would say try back again I was able to search and get all the way to the payment page no problem this morning.


Come on guys let's get Eric to come back on stage tonight. Let's get real rowdy when Springsteen is played and make him want to stay!

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Mar 28 8:27am

That would be great! We can't wait for the show!!

Mar 28 8:53am

Yes we need to get him all fired up tonight!

Mar 28 9:47am

I am hoping to see him come back out for an encore and sing "Lightning" that would be so awesome!!! Go Chief

Mar 28 12:40pm

That would be great never seen lighting live.

Mar 28 10:08pm

Go for it! I was disappointed in our crowd in austin -NEVER called for one, i explained to my 9 yr old (her first concert) what an encore was and we waited for 15 min or more and nothing -but he did totally rock a venue that every complains sux for live music for 2hrs! I m sure if y'all call for an encore they will come Good Luck and be prepared for an unforgetable night!!!!

Mar 29 7:01am

We got our encore! Sorry y'all didn't, I'm sure that was hard to explain to your little gal. We saw him in Alabama and didn't get one either. Tampa brought it last!

Mar 29 4:21pm

I was front and center screaming for "Lightning" and he even said "ok but I'm we're gonna play this first" but it never came :( I tried! Amazing show as always though!!

Mar 29 7:51pm

This was my 10th show and the best I have seen from him. We didnt get lighting but we did get those I've loved along the way. Tampa brought it last night!

Mar 30 8:55am

my 10th as well :-D best yet

Mar 29 7:55pm

Thanks Nicole for all the effort.


WOW! Chief, you did it right! Talk about great inspiration....Humble Pie, Peter Frampton, Bob Seger, The Eagles (have I got a guitar for you), The Man in Black and James Brown....I dont care what anyone else thinks, I love hearing the influences in your amazing music! Keep playing it! Man, you are my favorite artist and even more so now!!!

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Mar 27 10:43pm

Absolutely just got done listening and is it bad that I just want to here him talk? He hinted at caught in the act was filmed so maybe we will see it!

Mar 28 5:34am

I could listen to him talk or sing all night long! The Over When It's Over video is from that night...I'd love to see the whole thing! It is definitely time for a Chief Live DVD! I bet we'd all agree on that!

Mar 28 6:42am

Sure could! Seeing him tonight listening to caught in the act, getting real pumped. Today will be my 10th concert!

Mar 28 8:24am

Wow!! 10!!! VIP??? I'm hitting #5 in May in Kentucky! Figured it out and by the time I get to Lexington, I will have travelled a total of 11553 miles (one way) to see him! He just generates that kind of loyalty! Have an AWESOME time tonight! Have a Drink in your hand for me!

Mar 28 8:49am

His fans are by far the most loyal in country. We did VIP and pit in Alabama, no VIP tonight. This will be show 10 since 2008. Unfortunately he hasn't been to Florida a lot recently so we went to Omaha, Alabama, Texas, and Georgia over the years. I will have a few breskis in your honor tonight and you do the same i n Kentucky.


My 2nd go around at Tallahassee attending Eric's show an we had a blast. Who sung that's damn rock n Roll with him?

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Mar 27 8:25pm

I'm pretty sure it's Joanna Cotten right now, which is his backup singer, Izzy hale from halestorm was singing it with him when halestorm was his opening act


Can't wait for tonight! Driving from Georgia!


Can't wait to hear Church and the band rockin' Tampa!


It is getting about time to get this party started......


I must say I'm very disappointed with our experience at the Tallahassee show. We purchased 6 tickets through the fanclub and were given section 107 row Q (front row). 3 girls excited they were gonna be up close to Eric Church. However when we picked the tickets up they gave us different tickets (section 216 which was the very top of the seats) and we were told it was the fanclubs problem not the civic center. Turns out the civic center closed section 107. When I contacted crowd surge I was informed they did indeed close 107 due to low ticket sales and that there was nothing they could do either. We got seats based on the seat value. The purpose of the fanclub is to get good seats. It would've been nice to have been contacted before the day of the show and been told about the change but we got the email from the fanclub AFTER we called to find out why they changed our seats.

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Mar 27 9:59am

wow, I am sorry to hear that happen to you, totally sucks... You should def write a email to the, they are always good with helping out issues like this. Seems somewhere , communication between the venue and the fan club, the ball drop somewhere, where it didn't get to you in time. I hope this gets work out for you guys =)


HQ, any chance of a special contact from EC on my beautiful wife's birthday. We looking forward to seeing your show, we are located in section 114 row V seats 6 & 7. Maybe a text with a pic or even a call?? If not I truly understand. These seats were the closest I could score under a firefighters salary Lol.
Steve L

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Mar 27 2:06pm

Please email me and I can provide her name and number.


Would absolutely love a chance at a meet in greet for the upcoming show in Vancouver. How do you enter?

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Mar 27 4:45am

On the tour tab, go to date and if a M&G is listed you just enter. Then wait and hope and pray to be picked!


Would absolutely love to meet and greet you in bozeman, Montana on May 23! We have our tickets, but this would be a dream come true to meet Eric Church!!!


Won my Meet and Greet!! So excited, can't wait for Saturday night!!! Thanks so much Eric Church HQ for making my year!!!!

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Mar 26 8:12pm


Mar 27 4:46am

That's AWESOME!! Congrats! I hope that's me in May!

Mar 27 11:25am

Congrats!1 Give him hugs from us =)

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