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Hey Eric,
I know this is a long shot. I am getting married this august. My husband to be and I are both huge huge fans of yours. I swear we loves each and everyone of your songs (particularly me). Would you be able to honor us and surprise the crap out of my fiancé by your presence at our wedding and singing our wedding song for us? We want our song to be "love your love the most"

Thanks so much,


I ordered the grammy bundle on 2/5/15. I have not received it and status shows it is still not shipped. Credit card has been charged. I have sent numerous emails to the store and help support. No one has replied to any of them. I have never had any problems with any of my other orders, they were always shipped very fast. I'm going to see him March 13th and was hoping to have the order. Could someone please check into this and get back to me. Thank you.

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Feb 23 2:50pm

I ordered on February 4 and it's the same story for me. I was charged on that same date, but am still waiting on the items to even ship. I was hoping to wear the hoodie to his concert on March 18. If I don't have the items by then, I'm going to cancel the order.

Feb 24 8:54pm

Well at least it's not just me, I was starting to take it personal. Just kidding. Sorry to hear it happened to you too. Hey, maybe they are not shipping because we will win the meet and greet and receive it in person? :)

Feb 23 3:42pm

Where do you see the status of an order? Thanks!

Feb 23 3:53pm

On your receipt, click on your order number. It will ask you to sign in, and you will then see the status.

Feb 23 3:54pm

Thanks, found it!

Feb 23 10:45pm


Feb 23 7:35pm

Dang I missed that! If i may ask, What was in the Grammy bundle?

Feb 23 8:58pm

The Outsiders Hoodie The Outsiders Vinyl The Outsiders Bandana The Outsiders Keychain Bottle Opener 2015 Grammy Nomination Bundle - $80.00


On Friday I had to have a heart catheterization procedure done. The surgeon asked what kind of music I liked and I replied "country". The radio station was changed just as they were beginning my surgery and Eric Church was singing. He is by far my favorite singer and I really connect to all the songs that he writes and sings. Listening to him singing while having my procedure done definitely calmed my nerves and for that I am very thankful. Continue to do what you do as an artist. Looking forward to seeing you in concert again in Rosemont March 20th and Indianapolis May 9th.

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Feb 23 12:44pm

Hope your feeling much much better.


Just heard it on PIttsburgh local Country Y108 as his new that song!!!

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Feb 24 6:21pm

Hope the stations in Louisville KY starts playing it. Love that song


Hi anyone know if eric is doing cmafest this year coming over from uk and would love to see
Him again

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Feb 22 4:09pm

I believe it is announced March 4th who is performing.

Feb 24 1:05pm

thanks selcjj30 ....fingers crossed


So I ended up with two extra GA Floor tickets for Eric's March 10th show at the Verizon Center in D.C...if anyone is interested in that show, email me and I'll take the best offer for those tickets (can transfer on ticketmaster)

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Feb 22 2:51pm

You may want to check the ability to transfer those tickets. I know that every venue I've been to this tour the GA tickets were not transferable.

Feb 22 2:54pm

I did see that they allowed one transfer on ticketmaster, but I'll double check with the venue itself. I suppose at worst everyone would just have to meet up and go in together. Thanks for the heads up though

Feb 22 2:58pm

I checked for the remaining shows I have available and they all have the option to click on it and when you click on it the next screen says that transfer is unavailable.

Feb 22 2:59pm

Ah, that's a bummer. Thanks for checking. I guess I'll have to make some new friends for the show then haha.

Feb 23 9:14am

i'll be there on the floor!

Feb 24 7:26am

Nice! Should be an awesome show


Looking to buy 2 tix either GA Floor or good Lodge. Email me @ if you can help me out

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Feb 22 1:42pm

Ah...I had been trying to sell two extra GA Floor tickets for the March 10th show in Washington D.C. Can't help you with Boston, but if you happen to be roadtripping down to D.C. in March, let me know haha.

Feb 22 2:01pm

Thanks anyways I can't make it to DC & I really shouldn't spend the money but I got to see this guy.

Feb 22 11:24pm

Definitely worth it. Good luck!


Congrats to the Church family on the new baby! I'm sure he is already spoiled! Much love! -Erica Hicks


I have just joined the fan club. When will the tickets be on sale for the Gulf Shores?

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Feb 22 2:52pm

On sale is not announced yet.

Feb 25 8:02am

Been wondering the same for a long while now. Hotel is booked and it ain't cheap!


I got my tickets yesterday for the show in Bozeman....unfortunately I had to work in the morning so, I was unable to get the pit area but, it is Eric Church and I am gonna enjoy myself regardless of where my seats are...The very first time I saw him was in Seattle when he was performing with Kenny Chesney...I was up front the whole day...he put on one great show....I knew I needed to see him again....I'm glad he is in Montana again or the wife and I were gonna travel to Spokane or Salt lake...I can't wait for May 23


Talladega has proved to be what I always knew it was the first time I heard it on the radio. #1, the video is so sentimental, sweet and tender that makes it #1 always. Congratulations Eric Church. God Bless Eric Church, Your Family, and Your Band.
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


How do you do a Fan Request for an upcoming concert? Going to my fifth Eric Church in March and haven't heard"How 'bout You!

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Feb 22 2:53pm

The person that picks is chosen randomly.


I used to play drums for Roger Bowling. He did a song called "Heal It". Check it out. It would be perfect for you and these times. If you can't find it., I can send it to you.


Congratulations on the addition to your family..hope he is healthy and everyone is doing you know kids will not stay little forever...enjoy the moments...


First and Foremost, God Bless Eric, Katherine, and Boone McCoy Church on their new arrival. Having a baby is always a blessed event and a precious gift from God. Now little Boone has a baby brother to play with. He can also be a big help. I'm a mother of 4 Children: 3 Boys and 1 Girl. My youngest is 17 years old. I can remember the days of being sleep deprived, at times I thought that I was going to just fall out. My advice to Eric and Katherine, "Don't hesitate to ask for help because sleep deprivation will take its toll. It takes a village to raise a child. So let loved ones, family members, and friends pitch in and help you." I was elated, and happy when I heard the news. My favorite artist of all time had a precious baby boy. God Bless to your whole family, wish you all the great memories that will come your way, enjoy your family. God Bless to each and everyone, you're in our prayers.
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


Congratulations to Mrs. Katherine& Mr.Eric Church & big brother Boone!! Glad to hear Mommy and Baby Is doing great! Welcome Tennessee Hawkins Church! Lots of love from The Biggs family


Stopping by to give my Congrats and Blessings on The New Healthy Baby...... Master Tennessee Hawkins Church....... But I really wanted to say because im a big sentimental mush all the time is.... I was thinking so much about Boone McCoy yesterday..... I remember when I had my second child I spent the first few days crying for my first baby because he wasen't the baby anymore..... It was just such a heavy time on my heart.... So I just wanted to say that yes I was thrilled to hear about Baby Hawk yesterday.... But just so Boone knows everyone was thinking of him too..... Once again Congrats and Blessings to the whole Church Family!!!!!:)


Thanks for keeping the Church Choir in the loop. Good to hear that both Hawk and Mom are doing well! Congrats and cherish every minute as they grow up too fast. When the boys are out on tour, you should show them off. I'me sure they are just the cutest little men! :~)

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Feb 20 10:34am

I bet they are so adorable!! Babies bring Good Luck!! (as my mother always said) .

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