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What are the chances we will get a DVD of the tour? I need something to hold me over until I go to another show.


Got my tickets today, can't wait!!


I am so happy for Eric Church being recognized for all his great music my fear is now that he is so popular that he may start doing songs that are more poppy such as his duets with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan who's music is quite different . Please don't get me wrong he deserves his fame


SUPER excited about Eric being the honorary pace car driver at Talladega! The perfect place for him to do that!!!! Can't wait to be at my favorite place again. Wish I could meet him, but it's cool he's gonna be there!

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Oct 8 3:19pm

At least this is closer to home for me (GA) I am going to Raleigh to see him the weekend of Oct 17th, 18th. Hope I can see him going to do pre race pit pass


hey, i am trying to book the pre tickets for glasgow or dublin.... never recieved an email with URL in, and can not work ticket master!!? THANK YOU

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Oct 9 1:28am

We were also hoping to get a pre code for London's C2C Fest in March next year....can admin tell us if we were going to get one please


I'm sooooooooooooo glad that Eric Church & Jay Joyce found each other....for creating beautiful music together!!! For pushing that envelope!!! For going places every other artist is too scared to go!!!! Each album keeps getting better & better and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT for the next masterpiece!!! To Eric Church & his inner circle---Let's go even Further Baby!!!!!!!!!


will there be meet and greets at C2C #fingerescrossed xx


Is it true?

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Oct 6 6:59pm

So excited Eric is coming to UK as headliner for Country2Country festival 2016


I noticed Eric has a Concert elsewhere at same time as CMA FEST. Does this mean he will not be at CMA Fest?

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Oct 2 9:31pm

He played in two other states this year during the CMA Fest and was still there on Wednesday night and Sunday for the Choir Party

Oct 2 9:32pm

and LP Field. (Sorry, accidentally hit post before I was done.)


Hi love hearing your music in Canada.
Are there any tour dates planned for Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in the near future?

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Oct 8 7:09am

And you need to come to Newfoundland too! You should stop here on the way to or on the way back from C2C.......Newfoundland is the last spot before you cross the pond to the UK!


Me and Andrea fell in love a few years ago and we were both hokked on meth, we decided to get our life clean and she walked away from a 13 year addiction and me a 10 year addiction, we are getting married October 20 2016 and would love for our song we get introduced and dance to be your song " she loves me like Jesus does" as it had a huge effect on our lives, while I have tried to learn the song, I am not musically talented like u are and can't get it, so I thought I would reach out to u and see if you could come perform that 1 song for would mean everything to us both, thank you for being an inspiration to us both


Heard "Roller Coaster Ride" on local Pittsburgh Country station on Monday. Anyone else hear it out there???!!

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Sep 30 11:23am

I also recently heard it in Pittsburgh and was very excited!!!

Sep 30 3:13pm

This is my favorite song on The Outsider. Has my vote for the next single.


Check the tour page here:

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Sep 28 6:15pm

Hell Yea ready for a meet and greet !

Sep 30 1:42pm

Thanks guys!

Sep 30 8:00pm

Can't wait two nights of Church,hopefully this will be the time I get to meet the Chief.

Oct 6 12:46pm

Super Excited!

Oct 7 2:41pm

I am too excited! My BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!! Next weekend CANNOT get here fast enough!!!! Two nights of Church?! Give me a HELL YEAH! FIRED UP!!!


A long time back in Omaha, I sat in a room with 4 people and Mr. Church and a little boombox. He played songs which would end up being on his first album. Later that night I went to a show at Whiskey Roadhouse to watch his show and support a new awesome artist. Out of the 15 people in the crowd, 5 were me and my family that i told need to see this man that is going to be huge. Eric and I had a good talk that day about his aspirations. Though we've not connected since, I couldn't be more proud of a man for doing what he does. You're a great man bud. Sincerely, Nolie


Come back to Florence!


So after 13 concerts in 9 different states over the past year I am having SERIOUS withdrawal. A new EP? New tour dates? Anything!! I need a fix!!

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Sep 25 12:07pm

I am feeling the same, and I only saw him 7 times over the past year!

Sep 25 12:44pm

WOW! Same withdrawal here!! 6 shows in 4 states...

Sep 26 9:59am

same here I only seen him 3 times on his tour in 2 states he needs another tour again which I know he wont do one till he writes another album which could be a while

Sep 29 8:11am

You are not alone:-)

Sep 29 7:52pm

Concert DVD would be an awesome alternative if no tour or album planned!


23 days & counting until the American Roots Music Festival & two nights of Church in a row ;) Can't wait!!! Adding Chris Stapleton & Willie Nelson to the mix makes it that much better!

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Sep 25 11:23am

Been reading alot of bad reviews about this place,mainly bout how disgusting the bathrooms are and how the ushers are rude and if ur not in the vip parking it will take at least an hour to get out,is this true?@ruth...i lost ur email address(

Sep 25 11:43am

The bathrooms can get pretty nasty by the end of the night, that is completely true, unfortunately. I have been here many, many times and haven't had any problems with the ushers. Parking can be a bit tricky getting out, but if you stay until the end (like I'm sure you will), some of the people will have probably already left since it's an all day thing. You can also pay for Premier parking when you get there and be right by the entrance gate and you get out much faster that way. The later you wait to get there, the worse parking is getting out since you will end up in the back of the lots. I'll email you back, so get my email :)

Sep 25 11:49am

cool...i was looking online and there wasnt any vip parking to buy for this show,thought it might be sold out...but if its pay at the gate that would do too..was thinking of upgrading down 7 rows or so but i read that the seats are very cramped so will proberly keep my ilse seat in sec 6

Sep 25 12:05pm

Yep, general parking is included with your ticket cost, but you can typically pay for the Premier Parking when you get there. Just try to get there when the gates open and you should be good. They should announce that time a few days before the shows. Upgrading your ticket would get you under the roof, but the seats are tight. Not a lot of elbow room. An aisle seat is ideal.

Sep 26 8:09am

We go there a lot. Premier parking is typically $30. Heres the trick. If you ride with 4 or more in your vehicle its free for the same lot. Carpool!

Sep 26 8:25am

Carpooling would be cool..but driving solo from connecticut

Sep 26 4:03pm

If we had more people going with us, I'd say to carpool with us. But since it's me & my husband we won't have enough. We should try to meet up for a drink in between sets though!

Sep 26 3:54pm

OMG, @ravinheather, we have gone here, literally, a million times & didn't know with 4 or more? Do you just tell the guy that you would pay? You must from the Raleigh area too :)

Sep 28 4:38pm

This is a great site.

Sep 29 5:45am

Definitely agree, Walnut Creek is a great place to see a show! Can't wait :)


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