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Anyone have a pic of Eric signing my flag boots???


Every show, every album, every song, every lyric, come from his heart and from his soul. You can't fake that kinda stuff.
I'll put my orders in now! Luv u Brotha!


Thanks for the concert last night in Salt Lake City! One of the best concerts we have been to! You are amazing...and a great performer! Hope everyone gets feeling better!


Does every show offer VIP option (w/acoustic set, etc)? If so, can someone advise price range? Thanks!

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Feb 1 10:45am

I do not believe every show offers the VIP with preparty and acoustic set by Eric.....I attended the VIP in nashville in January and am going to see him in March in the Poconos In PA and they did not have the VIP option to that show as I was hoping they would.


I never got an email with the presale code for the Boston show in April - I know they go on sale for cc members Tuesday @ 10 but just wanted to make sure it was the same code that I have in my promo code section for my membership with the chief!

Love what the Church did in Salt Lake - he is an amazing human being and loves his fans - thank you Chief <3

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Feb 1 10:27am

From what I know the code you use is the one in your profile

Feb 1 12:15pm

Emails went out Friday but were geo-targed to Mass. and the states surrounding (we didn't want to spam all of you!). The promo code is the same one listed in your account. Use that to access Ticketmaster.


Since I was a little girl living on a small subsistence farm I've loved country and folk music. I've had my moments however when I just had to tune out because music is a powerful thing that can drive a culture and our ability to identify with that culture. I began to find it difficult to identify with the lyrics of country music relating to relationships because women like me are seldom, if ever, mentioned in them. I have nothing against my blue eyed, blond and red headed sisters out there but are they the only ones worth writing songs about?


Heard what EC did in Salt Lake City .Eric is truly an amazing artist that does care about his fans. From the first time I saw him preform I was hooked he gave it his all and every time I have seen him he never gives less than 100% . I Raise my Glass to the Chief and hope his crew gets well soon Can't wait to see you again in Tampa next month .🍻

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Feb 1 10:15am

This is why he is my top fave, he is very very true to his fans! :)


Just realized that I was given the wrong sized t-shirt, the one that's included with VIP. I have no idea if it would be possible to ship this one in exchanged for the correct size?


Here is what I record at The Outsider Joint Spokane 1-29-15 ... Sorry if sound is off new phone for me. Just going to post the link to You Tube;


Somebody. Please, if you know Eric, pass this along. You ARE Entertainer of the Year. Nashville can kiss my ass! You proved tonight not only how amazing your voice is, but the kind of man you that you are. I saw you both nights in Vegas , you were sick, still put on the best show I have ever seen. But tonight, band and stage crew all sick. topped Vegas. proved what I tell everyone. You don't need auto tune, computers or any other gadgets to sound fantastic. Your voice is utterly amazing. It took guts to come out and do an entire concert with just a guitar. No one....NO ONE, could have pulled it off, except for our Chief. Driver, Jeff and Jeff, thank you for doing what you could. Lee and Craig, you were missed. To all who are a part of Eric ' s show, hope you are feeling better real quick. And, Mr. Eric Church. ...I have never loved or respected anyone more than I do my Chief. An outstanding job you did for us. Thank you for not canceling.

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Feb 1 1:42am

Wow So sad to hear the band is not well. I guess you all got the very best of Eric Church as we all know he is that Awesome. You were honored to be at this show, The Chief shows his true colors in desperate times. Would have loved to be a part of this historical show!!

Feb 1 1:47am

I almost wasn't there. Thank God I was. Historic is a great word for tonight. How often will we get to see a full acoustic and solo concert? Simply amazing.

Feb 1 7:21am

Seriously, get this man an Entertainer of the Year nomination!!

Feb 1 9:32am

sorry to hear his band and crew is sick.. Lots of prayers that they all get better soon! You could not have said this any better!! Agree 100%!! Wow! simply amazing! The Chief Is amazing! Glad you got to experience it;) I also have so much love and respect for this man! you are ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR AND FOREVER CHIEF Already to us your fans!!!!! WE LOVE YOU CHIEF

Feb 1 10:06am

Well said I wasn't even there but I could only imagine how Amazing this show prolly was:-) I am jealous of all of you had was lucky enough to have been a part of this and I hope EC band gets to feeling better

Feb 1 10:26am

Amazing! He truly does treat his fans the best :)


Seattle fan here and would love the chance to meet Eric!!!!!


That would have made my day! A true Church concert. Just him and his guitar is how he sounds best! Rock on ! ♫♫


My dad and I flew from Cincinnati, OH for a 2 night stay in Utah to see Church's show to celebrate my 25th bday. Come to find, Eric had to play the entire set acoustically due to his band falling ill. Thank you Eric Church for choosing to play tonight 1-31-15. You made a memory for my father and I that we will never forget. Can't wait to fly back and tell everyone at home about it

Jessica, Cincinnati OH

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Feb 1 1:45am

That is why he is the Chief !!!! What a class act he is :) Eric are the best for not canceling like some would do. What a great show you must have done tonight. I have heard nothing but praise for everyone !! Hope everyone gets well soon

Feb 1 4:16am

What an amazing night! Eric Church surpassed my every expectation...without his Band! Due to a stomach bug the Concert started late and when Eric finally came out he announced the news and stated "Hey, I'm still standing" and with only his acoustic guitar he showed Salt Lake City a size of Eric that few will ever have the chance to see. Great Country Rock pure and simple. I was a big fan of Mr. Church before the Concert and I have seen at least a hundred of the them. Last night I seen why Mr. Church is where he is today, he is a Man among Men...the Chief, the Pastor Priest Bishop Prophet and Pope. I am converting my religion and will follow this guy for as long as I live. He caught me hook line and sinker and can safely say that Mr.Church has a whole new following in SLC. Thanks Eric, for not giving up on us....we will never give up on you. You're the Man! Digger

Feb 1 10:20am

This is why this guy is my fave, two years ago he played at Country USA in Oshkosh, wi, the highway was soo back up of people trying to get into the show when it was time for the show, Eric came out and stated he wasn't going to start his show until everyone who wants to get in to see him gets in and then stated he played on stage as long as they will let him. And let me say that show truly rocked! I'm soo happy he truly stivks I his fans :)


What do you think of Halestorm? It's not my kind music so I can't really offer up a valuable opinion. But sitting here in Salt Lake City, looking around. ..All ages, all walks of life. People are plugging their ears, playing games on their phones or just blankly sitting there. Looking down on the crowd, phones are lit up, but in laps. Not taking pictures or videos. it this crowd or is this true to form for what you've seen? Seems very few are enjoying this opening act

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Feb 1 12:19am

Loved Hellstorm. Man that girls got some lungs and the drummer was amazing.

Feb 1 1:47am

I loved Halestorm the drummer wow !!! maniac !!! lzzy is the best vocals and guitar rocks !!!! I saw them in Spokane I loved them !!

Feb 1 9:15am

Not everyone's cup of tea in the country world I can see that but I've seen them a couple times and they are good wife always playing them on the juke box when we go out

Feb 1 10:22am

I agree might not be everyone cup of tea, but then again isn't that what true music and artists are all about , giving each one another a chance out there, cause you never know who will like it, and these days people seemto be open to all kind of music :)


Hey Church Choir friends Grammy's are Soon so thought it would be fun to see us take a guess and see what you think Mr.EC Will Sing?? We all know that Eric does his own thing and you never know what he is going to do next! What is your guess on what you think he will sing ???? Or He may come with something totally New ;)) I'm taking a guess and saying" Roller Coaster Ride"! Caint Wait to see what he does!!!!! What do you Think????

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Jan 31 10:05pm

Maybe Broke Record....I can't wait either! Something totally new would be a treat too. We shall see!

Feb 1 9:12am

Wrecking ball or the man who was gonna die young would be cool I remember the show he came out and did like Jesus does just him and the backing singer that was awesome and classy

Feb 1 10:24am

I'm not quite sure, maybe he might go back to something old, maybe cold one, or give me back my hometown, it's true you never really know what he's going to sing to surpise you, maybe he might bring out Keith urban and sing rise them up.


I've gone to about 8 of his concerts and he plays it moments before he and his band takes the stage and I'ld like to know what it is because it's really good.

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Jan 31 7:11pm

CLUTCH - Electric Worry .. Awesome song!

Jan 31 7:41pm

Thank you!!!! :) 9 year question finally answered!!!

Feb 1 8:23am



Stoked for Church tonight! Hitting the road...100 miles baby!

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Jan 31 1:54pm

Does anyone know when pre-sale for boston is going to happen?

Jan 31 2:41pm

My guess is this coming Tuesday...

Jan 31 7:04pm

Yes Tuesday. Check the video EC posted on his FB page yesterday with the announcement.


When do the tickets for the Buffalo NY show go on sale?

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