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Two tickets Sec 111 Row D. Face value. Email me at

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The last time Eric came to US Bank in Cincinnati he had the private concert...Any chance you will add this? Pretty please with a cherry on top of m...

Can't wait, 5th concert to see Eric and feels like the 1st!

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Feb 26 8:50pm

I seen him 4 times in 2014 and gonna see him 3 times this year, every concert feels like the first time! Hopefully I get a meet and greet one of these times! Have fun!


Extra ticket for Eric church in 2 week in Washington, D.C. At the verizon center march 10. Email

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I just wanted to share this with you. These are my twin daughters (11), rocking out to "The Outsiders". Daddy is a HUGE fan & they are following in his footsteps! We can't wait to see you live in concert at Mizzou in May!!

I just wanted to share this with you. These are my twin daughters (11), rocking out to "The Outsiders". Daddy is a HUGE fan & they are following in his footsteps! We can't wait to see you live in concert at Mizzou in May!!

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So excited my boots came just in time for my shower and photo shoot

I know a lot of you cant go to the other show, so if you are willing to sell your general admission floor tickets let me know. I live in Phoenix Arizona and would be willing to make the trip to Utah! My email is help a sister out :)


Eric Church Outsiders Radio
Eric Church has handpicked an hour of music he wants to share with you. It's the premiere episode of Outsiders Radio, stuff that Eric's digging, plus exclusive, unreleased tracks that you won't hear anywhere else but The Highway!
Every Friday at 10PM

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Feb 26 11:24am


Feb 26 11:27am

so excited! but i thought it was a monthly show, not weekly

Feb 26 12:10pm

You could be right, I'm not sure if it's weekly or monthly but I do know the first episode is tomorrow

Feb 26 2:13pm

How can I listen to this?


Is there any way I can view the songs Eric wrote for The Outsiders but didn't make the album?

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Feb 26 9:28am

You may be able to find a few videos from the VIP acoustic performances on youtube, but to my knowledge the whole songs aren't available anywhere.

Feb 26 11:45am

Ya, those are ones that are at times hard to find, unless you google them on website to see, but there reasons Eric didnt put on album, might be put on a another album, or maybe will re-release the outsiders with added songs on it... you never know.=) Good luck!


My girlfriend, Hannah A. Garrison, absolutely loves Eric Church. It's a long shot, and I guess it's doubtful anything at all will come of this.. But it's worth a try.. So, this girl means the world to me, and I'm a Senior in Highschool.. Prom's a huge deal for her, and I wanted to ask her to it in a special way. Something completely unheard of you know? She sure as heck deserves it... Like I said, her favorite artist of all time is Eric Church.. And I was wondering if somehow he could help me ask her to Prom? It's a lot to ask for, but she's one of his biggest fans.. We're going to go see him August 22nd at Ford Field and it'll make her life. It doesn't have to be anything big, we'll live in Adrian, Michigan, a long way away from Nashville.. But even a simple letter or something to her? I don't know how else to get ahold of someone for this. But I hope this'll lead to something. Again, it would absolutely make her life for something like this to happen, and she deserves it more than anyone I know. As the guy that loves her, I would be eternally grateful :)
I can be contacted at


Eric Church definitely has it. 6 Days until The Chief makes his way to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. He is the Opening Act. Can't think of anybody else who could fill his shoes. It will never happen in this decade. Peace Out, See Ya Eric On The Third Of March! The Best night of the Rodeo is Eric's appearance. Can't Wait. Stay Safe!!!
-Love From Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


Getting ready for #3 concert in Austin next week. Got a VIP. Done it before and so well worth it

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Feb 26 11:46am

yay!! I got about three weeks til i see him =)


Hey! Did Ya"ll see the guy on American Idol tonight performing HOME BOY? Well no one in this world could do it better than ERIC! Just wanna say I would vote for this guy just for his choice in music!!!


Rodeo Houston cook off starts tomorrow night and then Eric kicks off Rodeo Houston on Tuesday! CAN"T WAIT!


Congrats on the new baby..


I have been an Eric Church fan for years, first saw him at the grizzley rose and went to every one of his concerts in Colorado after that. Even drove to Wyoming and camped out in the pouring rain until they canceled the concert. Every song speaks to me, when I lost my grandfather Those I've Loved was so touching. You put on one hell of a show in Denver this past January, you have grown so much as an artist! Would love to see you again at red rocks! Congrats on the family and thank you for creating music that I can't get enough of!


Eric so many students talk about how they really wish that you would come back and do a show. They really believe that you loved it here and are proud to be a mountaineer. I agree with them we would love to see you back here once.

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