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i really love all of Eric's material, he hasn't put out a bad song ever, but was wondering if he ever plays some my favorites live of his that are kinda bonus songs like "woke up this morning" and "leave my willie alone"

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Does anyone know how to get in contact with his manager? My best friend is getting married and her boyfriend is currently deployed. Since he can't ...

How do the fan picked songs get chosen?


Has he played Broke Record on the tour?

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Dec 18 2:54pm

Yes, it was one of the first fan-picked songs.

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Fan choice song in Green Bay on 11/20/14

What does everybody think about the inflatable devil at the concert?

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Dec 17 9:51pm

It's very cool!!

Dec 17 9:53pm

I like it and it's definitely different, but fits the theme of the song. Read the following article because apparently not everyone feels the same way...

Dec 18 12:47pm

Read that the other day... people are ridiculous..probably same ones that hate Halloween!

Dec 18 12:57pm

....and I loved the inflatable! Should always expect the unexpected or don't come to an Eric Church concert! :)

Dec 18 2:24pm

Loved it. Thought it was great.Remind me of Iron Maiden concerts of my youth. LOL

Dec 18 4:42pm

Coming from the Bible Belt it kind of creeped me out.

Dec 18 5:09pm

Hell yeah !!!,,,,,It was awesome , like , the shoe cc said , reminded me of Iron Maiden as well ,,Eric Church , well he is the best entertainer out there , always puts on a great show ,, dont know why they dont consider the guy for Entertainer Of The Year ,,,he is always on point , and does it his way ,,,keep pushing on , brother !!!


I purchased a premium membership in November and today I tried to register for a meet and greet and it reverted me back to a free account, why would it do this can anyone help?

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Dec 17 7:50pm

Email the Church Choir team at

Dec 18 2:56pm

We got you fixed!


Has anyone else ordered boots while at the concert? Have you received them yet? I ordered back in September and have not got mine yet.

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Dec 17 9:23pm

Yes I ordered a pair at the Pittsburgh PA show. I emailed them about my order last week and this was the reply I received. All of our exclusive boots have a custom Eric Church label. Currently, this label is not up to quality standards which has caused a delay in the shipment of your boots. We are rushing to correct this issue, and will be in touch in very short order with a solution and updated ship date.

Dec 18 8:14am

I also inquired about my boots. It is just a label issue nothing wrong with the boots themselves just a label stitched in them Does stink that we haven't gotten them yet they were suppose to be my Christmas present and wont arrive in time.

Dec 18 1:38pm

I ordered by boots on Oct 17th and still waiting :(

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Got to see Eric this past weekend in Birmingham. It was a great concert to wrap up the end of the year! Been looking forward to it since May. Here ...
Dec 17 1:41pm

Did he sing any Christmas songs? If so, what songs?

Dec 17 5:53pm

He didn't sing any Christmas songs :)

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On record of the year!!! still thinking the first two should get awards too. All the records are just powerful stories
Dec 18 12:44am

These Boots and Carolina = #1s


I've loved Eric Church since I first heard "How 'Bout You" in 2006. Having grown up in a small town, I can identify with many of his songs. Who from a small town hasn't had Pizza Hut be "their place"!? In a small town, Pizza Hut is pretty much the fanciest date night place around! Jacked up 4x4's, fishing, high school loves, smoking, drinking, high school football, racing your car down a road you shouldn't, having a family that means the world to you-that's small town and that's how I grew up. Eric writes and sings about not only the fun parts of life but also the most important aspects of life-family, love, heartache and loss.

Eric is an amazing singer/songwriter and entertainer. He is my absolute FAVORITE!!!

I've been to 2 Eric Church concerts-the last one in Kansas City on December 5th. He ROCKED the Sprint Center! My husband and I enjoyed the show so much we decided to make the trip to Oklahoma City on January 14th-2 days before my birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I can't wait!!! This time I'm hoping he sings "Wrecking Ball"!! :)

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Dec 16 9:54pm

I agree with everything--we drove 400 miles to see him in Duluth and going to Tupelo in a few weeks...we were hoping for "Wrecking Ball" in Duluth :{, maybe Tupelo!! Best thing I've ever seen!!

Dec 17 12:47pm

I agree! He is THE BEST concert around! I was bummed he didn't play "Wrecking Ball" in KC. Maybe we'll both get lucky and he'll play it in Tupelo for you and OKC for me! It's cool he changes his set list a little each night but he needs to put "Wrecking Ball" in every show! :)

Dec 17 11:37am

Grew up outside a town about half the size of Eric ' s hometown. He touches on everything and his voice holds true no matter the type of song. Absolutely can not go a day without him. Goin to see him in Vegas 1 month from today. My first EC concert. My Christmas present.

Dec 17 12:49pm

It'll be the most wonderful Christmas present ever! He's amazing in concert. He truly, truly is. My hometown was about 1,000 bigger than Eric's. Sometimes people who live in a town of 50,000 try to tell me they're from a small town. They have no idea! :) Have fun in Vegas!

Dec 17 8:23pm

No doubt about fun at one of his concerts. First time I've wanted to see a concert since the early 90's....


I am so proud of you Mr. Eric Church!!!!! I am a firm believer we all get what is coming to us in the end...... We make our own karma by the person we are....... We can be nasty and fool the world for so long...... But karma always comes full circle......... This is all your karma Mr. Church...... You are good, decent., real , humble..... I just want to keep going on and on....... We Love your music...... We Love what you stand for in the music industry...... And we Love you....... God Bless you and your family for the new year with much Blessings...........ERIC CHURCH!!!!!:)


Just wondering if Eric sings any Christmas songs during the Holiday concerts, and if yes, what does he sing? Thanks!

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Dec 17 1:44pm

Too bad Dwight Yoakum isn't with him during the holidays - he has a couple of great Christmas songs - Santa Claus is back in town and Run,run reindeer.

Dec 17 1:50pm

I haven't seen anywhere on setlists where he has done any Christmas songs. It's just probably not his thing. And with so much material, I think he just wants to play as much of it as he can.

Dec 17 4:01pm

That's too bad - I'd like to hear him sing "Merry Christmas Baby" R&B style like Otis Redding. Even better, I'd like to hear him sing it to me :)


Will he be coming back to the Connecticut area in the Spring 2015???


Will there be a Meet and Greet at the Legend Valley show in Ohio?


Just bought tickets to the Nashville Show!!!! Cant Wait!! November was just an AWESOME show in Evansville IN., the hubby and I want an encore! MR. CHURCH, We are coming again! January 10th cant come soon enough!!! :)

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Dec 16 12:03am

Sure hope the boots are not just for the VIP tickets!

Dec 16 12:04am

If you are a member of the Choir are you eligible to purchase?


So happy for Eric Church and his 1st Award! About time he gets recognition for the artist he is!

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Dec 15 11:10pm

Saw Eric in KC on Dec 5th. The only bad part about concert is that it ended. Want to see him again, badly, soon! Glad he won tonight cuz he really mini - eric fix...wish he were coming back here soin

Dec 15 11:23pm

We seen him in Evansville Indiana on November 22nd! Best concert EVER!!!! He rocked the show, played music from every CD from Sinner Like Me to The Outsiders! We was absolutely AMAZED!!!! My hubby wasn't quite a fan till after the concert. I have been a fan before he won the New Horizon Award back years ago and I was thinking What the Heck, he is not new, he has been cleaning house with me for at least a year and half now. :) I cant do anything without him. LOL He is like a good friend of mine. He rides to the grocery with me, sits on the front porch in the summer.... The most important thing is, the hubby is now a fan and appreciates the artist and performer Eric Church is. My sister and I seen him this year in Nashville at the CMA Fest but they only sing like 5 songs. That's just not enough ERIC CHURCH!!!! :) Cant wait till we can order a pair of those boots, we was on the floor and I signed up for Meet and Greet but didn't get chosen.... I think you have to have VIP!

Dec 16 12:20am

I agree. It's about time he gets recognized for the true artist/writer he is. It's nice that a person who actually writes his own songs or at least has a part in each of his songs on his album win an award like Album of the Year. That's how it should be. I hate watching award shows where artists win song of the year and they didn't even write the song. They should give the award to the writer. Anyway - Church is by far the best performer I have ever seen. Ever time I've seen him it's been amazing. Someday hope to get a Meet & Greet. Keep up the amazing music.

Dec 16 4:37am

not his first award though he got record of the year a few years ago!but happy he won again cause outsiders is a great album!


LONG Over due!! Awesome! :-) Congrats!!

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Dec 15 9:37pm

I didn't care for the show, but Eric's performance and win was worth the time :)

Dec 17 10:19am

I enjoyed the show..loved having the artist who won the award sing a hit song..

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