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Any word if there is m&g in Madison next wednesday? Still nothing under the tour section. Thanks in advance.


I started a Facebook group a while back, it never really took off because it was like 5 months ago lol and there wasn't much traffic on this message board at the time. So here's what we're planning from my group, would love to have fellow Church Choir members meet up with us. We're going to be at Hill Country BBQ prior to the show. All 6 of us are in our mid 20's but the place is great for all ages. They have great Texas BBQ so I figure maybe eat like we're down South and drink like it afterwards. They have a bunch of great beers on tap and usually have a band playing there on the weekends (although I think it'll be a little early for the band, maybe we can get them to play some Eric). There's the facebook group. Join it if you get a chance, I do have to accept the request to join so be sure to come back and write on the wall for any ideas prior to the show!


Tulsa concert Nov 1

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Oct 1 12:00am

I am bringing my seven year old son. These tickets were for his birthday and he can't quit talking about it. I joined fan club so hopefully he would get a chance to do a meet and greet at his first concert. I cannot figure out how to tho

Oct 1 12:09am

Found it!!!! Signed up. Fingers crossed! :)


I was in the St Louis VIP Lounge and These Boots had not been released yet. I am going to Kansas City Show and there is no VIP event scheduled. How can I order a pair or am I SOL?

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Sep 30 10:22pm

I was too I will be in Peoria but no VIP , I wanted to know also


I recently found out my boyfriend of 4 years cheated on me. The only thing that gets me through and takes my mind off of it is your music. I am going to see you at the Garden and Mohegan Sun and can't wait. It is the light in a very dark time for me.

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Sep 30 8:30pm

Sorry to hear. Don't know how young you are but all I can say is there are millions of people out there for you and don't just get attached to what is comfortable. Know what you want and don't settle for anything less.

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I'm pretty sure my son was the only small child at your recent Des Moines show, because the next day was a school day, here is what he journaled. ...
Sep 30 4:13pm

That is too stinkin adorable!! And, in this mom's opinion, nothing wrong with taking your kid to Church on a school night!

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Just some food for thought for the administrator and EC...there's a great website that works with artists to give back to chariti...

Hi I am trying to buy the VIP Package and it shows they aren't sold out but when I click purchase it takes me to Ticketmaster and they don't show an option for the VIP. Am I missing it or are they actually sold out? I'm looking for the show in Birmingham, AL

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Sep 30 3:06pm

I'm seeing some for sale. Did you try here?


I've been traveling the east coast since 2006, even using a fake id to get into a few bars to go see Eric for years now. I'm a military guy from PA who would love to go see Eric at the Wachovia Center. Unfortunately, with his continued popularity and new fans, it's gotten harder to get tickets. I'm looking for 2 floor seats or GA to go see Eric. Would be my 12th Eric show. It never ceases to amaze me how Eric can turn these arenas into bars for the night and has not forgotten those who have been there since the beginning!


The Joint Experience paved the way for a truly unforgettable night!! One of the best, yet!


i think this would be a great seller...dont know anyone that goes to an eric church show that wouldnt want to relive the experience over and over and over again!!!

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Sep 30 2:20pm

Had this same thought the other day! I remember hearing other artists selling that nights show on like a USB or something. I would definitely be down for something like this if it happened.


Fantastic concert in Greensboro on 9/27/2014. Best my wife and I have ever attended. Thanks to the band and all the support team.


Does anyone know if there are fast passes available for any of the concerts!? (Specifically Duluth, Georgia) I didn't know they existed until we went to another concert just recently! Feedback appreciated! :)


How are the people chosen for the Insider's pit at the concert?

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Sep 30 6:35am

randomly at the time of the concert. people walk around and hand out the wrist bands

Sep 30 12:57pm

Thank you!

Sep 30 8:16am

Might be a dumb question but does anyone know if your stuck in that pit for the whole show? A few beer runs are a must!

Sep 30 8:24am

That's awesome... they don't allow alcohol at Knoxville's Thompson Bowling Arena so everyone started sneaking it in their boots! Now they check your boots! Atleast y'all get to be drinkin without sneakin!

Sep 30 10:53am

I wish I could have gotten my son back stage passes. He's 12 and knows all erics songs by heart. He's never been to a concert before. I seen eric at the Tivoli and was up son was supposed to go then but ended up with strepp : (

Sep 30 11:35am

I hope someone will fine me at the Charlottesville show on 10/16/2014. We are way up in the rafters Sec 312 R W Seat 3 and 4 but no matter where we sit. It will be a great time

Sep 30 3:08pm

If you end up with an Insiders Pit pass you can come and go from that area with the wristband. Good luck!

Oct 1 11:50am

What's the difference between the Insiders Pit and the regular pit?

Oct 1 1:04pm

Insiders Pit is the MOST AWESOME experience!!!! I was totally in awe in Des Moines!! :-) :-)

Oct 1 1:05pm

You can look at the pictures I posted here from the pit!! AWESOME!! ;-) :-)

Oct 1 2:43pm

awesome pix!! did you ask for the pit passes from someone or did they just hand them to you?


I am looking for tickets for the Sioux Falls show in Dec. if anyone knows anything please contact me. Thanks.


I have two tickets for MSG New York concert. Sec 101 row 15 seats 3 and 4. Just trying to get face value, I will be able to transfer tickets to you thru ticketmaster.


My husband and I are going to join, but do we both need to join? My reason in asking is if we get both buy buy Church Choir memberships, and only one (as in he) gets chosen for the party, I will poke him in his eye! LOL! Please help me learn how all this works! Excited for the next show!

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Sep 30 5:43am

Sorry for the incorrect grammar, should have said 'if we both buy'! Sorry!

Sep 30 8:21am

Yes you will both need to join for m&g and party purposes. Tickets to shows will be the benefit from having only one membership.


Does anyone know how many people get chosen for a m&g? Or is it different for each show?

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Sep 30 4:04pm

I was at the show Saturday night. Eric mentioned that there was about 20 people in meet and greet. I don't know if that's normal or not.

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