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Bummed out I didn't get chosen again, to meet the one idol I've had in life, but still pumped to go, 4 years in a row seeing chief live, and I can't complain, 1st row in the choir loft at the boston show, please chief, for the love of god, I need to hear lighting live before I die


Says to be there an hour before Eric's set. Anyone know what time that might be?

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Apr 27 11:22pm

I envy you lol


How do you receive details about the VIP Package? I have tickets for Boston this Thurs and haven't received/can't find any info!

What time to arrive? Where to go?

Thanks - Robin

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Apr 27 6:59pm

Make sure to be checking your email, check your spam account too, they sent me a email about a week before the show with the details about it


•Apr• 28

Fan Club & VIP Presale

10:00 AM CDT

Ends Wed, April 29, 2015 at 05:00 PM CDT
•Apr• 28

Fan Club Bundle Presale

12:00 PM CDT

Ends Wed, April 29, 2015 at 05:00 PM CDT

What is the difference between VIP Presale, Fan Club Bundle Presale and Fan Club presale and what are the prices so we know what to choose when they go on sale tomorrow? Making the 13 hour drive from MN for this. Will there be meet and greets for this show, also?? No meet and greets available for the 2 shows I am going to so far this year. What a great show this will be! Can't wait!


Are there going to be meet and greets for the philly show? There is one for a kenny show so far

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My friend is starting Chemo (after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer again :-( ) next week. It was supposed to be this week but she told that doct...

I have PIT seats for the show and haven't had seats in this area for a big venue. I want to do it right and be up close. Doors open at 6:30. What time should I be there waiting to get in. I went to Miranda and her PIT didn't fill in till late. Also I have a M&G and I'm going with the lady. Should I have her secure our standing area?


Eric, how bout a little Lightning Thursday Night!! Boston is ready


Counting down the days til Saturday! Hopping the train, heading up to the Rock, maybe grab a bite at the Edison Ale House and then catching a kick ass show! Eric & crew never disappoint.

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Apr 27 3:06pm

How is the EDison Ale House? I was looking to go there too!


I can't believe it's only a 40 hour work week that separate me from the best concert of my life! I've waited 3 years to see Eric perform Springsteen. I just cannot wait!!!

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Plane ticket for my sister to babysit kids so we could attend show: 350$ Room in Boston for night : 300$ Gas for Truck to make the 6 hr drive to co...
Apr 27 3:05pm

Oh my gosh, where do you live? That was the closest concert to you!! Sounds like an awesome trip, and obviously an amazing concert! Love the pic!!

Apr 27 3:13pm

(The picture was from NH show back in October!) I live in Northern Maine. He's coming about and hr and a half from me in July and I have tickets for that, but my husband is a fisherman in Alas and won't be home for the July show, so I bought these tickets for him as a Valentines day gift and flew my sister from Florida to stay with out 2 little ones, so we could get away!

Apr 27 3:14pm

ALASKA *** oops :) )


Has anyone who has put in for a meet and greet heard back for this show yet? It still says "Processing" under my request and I was curious if anyone heard back being that the show is 5 days away!

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Apr 27 11:00am

I'm still processing too! Fingers crossed!!!

Apr 27 12:33pm

Same here... good luck!

Apr 27 1:10pm

You typically don't hear anything til about 3 days or less

Apr 27 2:47pm

just heard back at 1:00pm. NO luck here. (TURN DOWN FOR WHAT). lol

Apr 27 2:59pm

I just received the email that I wasn't selected! I'm kinda disappointed :-/ My friend that I'm going with was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer again, and told the doctor that she can't start Chemo this week because she wanted to have hair and not worry about feeling crappy when we go to the concert. Well, it will still be an AWESOME concert & are super excited for our Jennifer & Susan's Church Choir Chemo Kick off Concert!

Apr 27 3:26pm

I heard back saying I was selected. This will be my first time. How exactly does it work? I read what the email entailed but how long does it last is it a quick picture and you're out type of deal?


I have the HARDEST time finding the show On Demand. I bought a Sirius subscription just to hear this every week but can't ever find them. Could you please confirm when they are available and how to locate them in the app...? I got the first one no problem but they second one took forever and was only avaiable for a day. Dying to hear him DJ the whole thing but am usually not available to listen that time of Fridays...HELP!

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Apr 27 11:48pm

On the app go to On Demand then search by channel The Highway then go to E's. Right now it shows the other times it's aired then it should become available on demand in a few days.


I can't wait until May 7th!!! I get to see Eric Church again!!


I am hoping for a meet and greet, but it should be a great memorable show no matter rock....Can not wait!


Do we use the same promo code from the world tour? Also on ticketmaster it doesn't say anything about the presale.......

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Apr 27 11:35am

Yes. Email coming to you today.

Apr 27 4:02pm

So the email says Pit and Reserved seating. Does that mean the Pit will be standing only, right up by the stage and then reserved will be the Orchestra/101, etc. seating?


For the Nashville show on July 30th what time do tickets go on sale for eastern time ?

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Apr 27 12:13pm

10am CST so 11am EST.


In case you missed it, here is the third episode playlist of Eric Church’s Outsiders Radio, with some of his favorite cover songs:
1. Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Eric Church- Stealin’
2. Van Halen- Oh Pretty Woman
3. Zac Brown Band- Jolene
4. Mindy Smith- Jolene
5. Jimi Hendrix Experience- All Along the Watchtower
6. Ike & Tina Turner- Proud Mary
7. The Clash- I Fought the Law
8. Hank Williams Jr.- Games People Play
9. Eric Church –Ophelia (live in studio)
10. My Morning Jacket- Ophelia
11. Linda Ronstadt- Desperado
12. Dixie Chicks- Landslide
13. Eric Church- Come Together
14. Blitzen Trapper- Working on the Highway
15. Johnny Cash- Hurt (Eric’s favorite cover of all time & mine as well it’s so powerful)

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