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On my ticket it says ga floor floor 2 and some site maps say there are 5 doffrent areas of the floor. Is the floor split up into six diffrent standing general areas or is it all just one big walk in first come first serve since the whole Ralph is general admission?


Has anyone ever been to a concert held here!?! im trying to figure out how the GA floor is desgined! Some of the seating charts say that section 1 seats are against the stage, and other charts dont even have a section 1 seating area! HELP


When will we know if we won meet and greet?

I am so hoping my husband and I win!!!!!


Like A Wrecking Ball is a song that makes you want to fall in love if you're not in love. The words, music, and melody really embrace sensuality. The song really embodies the romantic affection. The more I hear it on the radio, the more I realize how addictive it is. So original! Eric Church released one heck of a song. It's a hit, and a song that will be talked about for a long time. Only the Chief has the ability and the artistic gift to produce such a masterpiece. Continue your Journey Eric, We Are With You!!!
Love From Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!

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Mar 30 7:50pm

I agree, I love this song!

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Tampa - March 28, 2015

And did everyone else see Eric is going to be playing Willie's picnic this year! That Will be the place to be 4th of July!


8 more days until Grand Forks! Can't wait! My wife and I are bringing my little sister to her first Church show!

Any Grand Forks Concert goers know of the best bars around the Ralph to pregame at?

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Mar 30 10:53pm

The downtown area is pretty popular but shotgun Sally's is pretty neat they have bands there a lot and it's pretty wide open. And they have huge teas for like 4.50! Or u can always go to Denny's whcih is a ghetto bar but one drink is like string as crap and will get u plowed!

Mar 30 10:54pm

What hotel are u staying at? They might have a bar near or in ur hotel also.

Mar 30 10:55pm

And bucks is a fun dancing bar for after


Does anyone know when they start releasing info for the party in Nashville during CMA fest? just booked my trip for the weekend and I want to try and go again. last years choir party was an amazing experience!

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Mar 30 12:26pm

I would imagine it won't be for a month or so yet.

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3rd show in 4 months and this one was the best!!
Mar 30 7:33pm

He put on one hell of a show ...

Mar 30 8:05pm

Third show on this tour,bye far the best. Thank you Eric for a great show.


I am having THE hardest time finding this past Friday's show OnDemand - in fact, I can find the show anywhere! Is anyone else having this problem? Help!!

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Mar 30 9:49am

I haven't seen it yet

Mar 30 10:13am

It didn't go up right away after the last one either.

Mar 30 10:17am

same here... I missed it Friday nite but was able to catch it OnDemand , was the show aired?


Who was all at the Jacksonville concert!? It was INCREDIBLE!! Eric Church puts on an awesome show!!

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Mar 30 2:23pm

My third show since last summer and it was the best yet. Loved how the entire crowd was on their feet for the whole show. AWESOME!

Mar 30 6:36pm

I was there, but I didn't take ANY pictures. Great venue & I got so lucky by getting in THE PIT - touched him 2x; still on cloud 9. EC is the reason I started listening (& keep listening) to country music. xo

Mar 30 7:45pm

the only thing that would've made it any better would've been if I would've got a meet n greet lol it was badass!! Church is the man and one of the few that are truly talented singer/songwriters


First time getting to see Eric Church do a full, headline show. Easily one of the best concerts I've ever been to in any genre. I've been going to concerts for about 35 years and this was top 5 all-time for me. I can't say this show was better than the first time I saw the Rolling Stones but it was on par with it. This was one of those very rare shows that I'm glad I don't have another concert coming up in the next month because there is zero chance another show could live up to this one. However I'm psyched that I do have tickets to 1 upcoming concert and they are fantastic seats to see Eric Church again in Bozeman, Montana. I have no doubt Eric will give Yellowstone a run for it's money as the highlight of a week vacation out there. Lets hope Tampa does not have to wait as long for a return, headlining show.

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Mar 30 8:25am

Could not agree more!

Mar 30 12:25pm

Amen! Best concert and best Eric I have seen.

Mar 30 7:37pm

Im like you I've seen everyone from johnny cash to aerosmith and everything in between and Eric Blows everyone else away after Tampa's show I've been so down because now I don't have any other shows to look forward too but Saturday night in Tampa was Amazing....


Listened to Eric’s second edition of the Outsiders Radio on Sirius radio’s channel 56 The Highway again and just wanted to share the amazing list of songs he played in case you missed it.
1. Humble Pie- I Don’t Need No Doctor (live off Rockin’ the Fillmore)
2. Peter Frampton- Do You Feel Like We Do (live off Frampton Comes Alive)
3. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Workin’ for MCA (live)
4. Bob Seger- Turn the Page (live off Live Bullet)
5. Lake Street Drive- You Go Down Smooth (live)
6. The Eagles- Seven Bridges Road (live)
7. Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue (live @ San Quentin)
8. James Brown- Try Me (live @ The Apollo)
9. Eric Church- Lotta Boot Left to Fill (live off Caught Live in the Act)
10. Thin Lizzy- Rosalie/Cowgirl’s Song (live)


Nice to see Eric nominated, even better if he would win!,, love Eric Church &EcB

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Mar 30 7:27am

Love Eric Church!! He always gets nominated but usually never wins! He deserved the award!!

Mar 30 10:18am

He does!

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Chief... We're all going crazy waiting on May 1

I'm looking to buy 2 tix lower level for the show in Phlly. If anyone has 2 to sell, please let me know. Thanks!


dear Chief , I thought being it was your 1st headliner tour in Tampa would be a Celebration , many complaints about the beer being cut off when you came on?what is going on , Hell done froze over ! If You ever come back please DON'T come back to the Amalie Arena go somewhere else . Their Beer Sales Policy Ruined your Show and I will not see there unless that Policy Changes there !

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Mar 29 11:20pm

My boyfriend was upset that he had to wait in a line for 45 mins and finally got a beer. Only 1 man working and he opened each can and poured it in a cup. He went bavk to get another later and was really upset they quit serving at 1000. Needless to say he was ready to go and I missed a hour of the show because they wasnt serve beer. Bummed me out because I thought Eric Church was one of the best concerts I been to in years. So intense you don't even want to leave your seat to miss anything. Awesome Eric please come back to Florida. I will leave the boyfriend home.

Mar 30 6:43am

I noticed they shut down the small, standalone beer stations early, however the world of beer stand was still selling beer right near the end of the show. Granted the libe was extreme, as were most lines...however, be advised for future shows/sporting events, the little ceasars pizza stands also sell beer and both times I got up during the show to grab a beer, wait time was less than a minute. Although the last visit, they were sold out of every beer except bud light.

Mar 30 7:05am

That sucks to hear your boyfriend was like that and wouldn't let you enjoy the rest of the concert just becuase they ran out of beer, a concert is just about beer, sorry but if my boyfriend try to pull that on me , him and me would have some real issues, if he pull that on me, I be breaking up with him most likely and telling him to take a cab or I would take a cab, cause if beer is that important to you, you need it to enjoy the concert, then there is other issues..

Mar 30 8:20am

Agree with @MeghanN17 !!

Mar 30 8:42am

Sorry y'all could get your drink on. I didn't leave once Eric went on but everyone around me got several drinks quickly during his set which started at 9pm. Maybe our side had better service. That being said Eric and the crowd were on fire. Tampa showed him how much he has been missed.

Mar 30 4:23pm

I didn't leave either for drinks at all, at the concert I went to,I wanted to see the concert the whole time, and well also if I drink then gotta use restroom and din't want to leave for that at all either lol. My boyfriend went once, but came back fast cause he was like I am not paying 15 dollars for a beer, I have to say I am proud he didn't =) Instead he got a cheaper soda.. He also went at a time lines be down cause he didn't want miss any of it either.

Mar 30 4:57pm

Yeah pre drink is the way to go!

Mar 30 7:44pm

We ended up having a big group in the middle of the floor at Amelia and everyone took turns going to drinks since I was the biggest one on the floor it was easy for everyone to make it back together but the floor GA was Crazy.

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