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I cant get the link to preorder tickets to the Oct 30th Knoxville Thopson Boling Arena show Oct 3oth to work on Google Chrome or Yahoo 10


Hey yall, I was able to snag 4 tickets for the Cleveland how through the sale on this site! I know we need to pick these tickets up from the Will Call at the arena the day of the show, but what I was wondering was, who needs to present their ID? The owner of the Choir account or the owner of the CC that purchased the tickets? Had some family help since I was in class during the presale and was wondering how this works. Thanks in advance for the help! Lookin forward to rocking with all heading to the Cleveland show!


I can get pre-sale tickets through Church Choir but I can better ones through ticket master pre-sale tomorrow at 10am. What is the deal? I want the VIP tickets and that is why I'm trying to get them through Church Choir, but it tells me there are only $75 balcony seats available???


I had no problems getting tickets at Ticket Master. Instructions on Fan Club page were easy to understand. Ticket Master was easy ... Fan Club code was case sensitive and could not be copied, had to be typed in as in all other concerts. Options for seating for the VIP were simple with drop down menu options. I feel like the Eric Church's staff & Ticket Master did a good job. There is always a heavy surge when the tickets go on sale & I feel that is to be expected. Get familiar with the web sites before the tickets go on sale & read everything in advance. Paperless tickets very good idea. Looking forward to a great time. Hoping there is a Meet & Greet lottery for Memphis.


This pre-sale was a joke. I regret buying the membership big time. It was no help in getting tickets. I thought if you were a fan and went to all the effort to get in on the presale that you would be rewarded with decent seats. All I kept getting were terrible seats. I'm not driving 5 hours to sit in the nose bleed section. very disappointed!

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Apr 15 11:17pm

I just recently purchased my Standard membership for Eric Church but it indicates that there are no available tickets left in my city... Can I get my money back then?!?


This is where Amy, Jack, and I will be on September 13! ~ GA1- G01- seat 5 and 6 ~ Thank you for including St. Louis and thank you so much for offering pre-sale tickets!


Cant get tix. Black screen all day and night. I want my $ bank.


Keep putting in my promo code and it says it's wrong ? What do I do .


How many VIPs are sold per show?


just a question does anyone know if you have to be 21 or older in order to participate in that???


I noticed the Minneapolis show has a VIP GA pit. Will all others shows have this as well? I mean if one show does then they all should..especially since we are paying more to be VIP.


I am still getting a black screen - but from the sound of it, Minneapolis must be sold out by now? So I should probably stop trying :) I was just hoping that tickets would randomly come up. ha ha.


Church is the best artist in Country, hands badass!!


Almost got fired trying to get tickets today through the Choir presale for MSG. Might have been worth if I was lucky enough to get some! Fan club presales should be through artist website and will call only. Then the tickets would go to the fans and not a means to line the scalpers pockets.

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Apr 15 8:10pm

Great idea! Hopefully somebody in the know will take your idea and run with it..

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09/16 @TargetCenterMN & 12/6 Sioux Falls & the inaugural show at the Denny Sanford Premier Center @eventscenter_sf (1 to go) A GOOD DAY!!
Apr 15 8:09pm

#JointVIP #TheOutsidersLIVE x2 !! (1 more to go) a #GoodDay !!


With all the amazing new work out there Im hoping Cleveland gets to hear Caroli na! Can't wait!


With all the safeguards put in place for scalpers, how is there still a bunch of tickets available on ebay?

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Apr 15 7:30pm

I agree. I am wondering how stub hub has tickets when they are all will call only... Wish someone could explain this. With all the presale stress I'm willing to pay $$$ at his point

Apr 15 7:30pm

Agreed! Was on a 10:00 and struck out. Lots of tickets available after market though. There has to be a better way!

Apr 15 7:30pm

These are scalpers pre-selling tickets they don't have yet that they will get on Friday at the public on sale.

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